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Business Continuity Assurance for Remote Working


Demand for remote online working is increasing, posing new challenges for enterprise ICT infrastructure in terms of service continuity assurance and remote Operations and Maintenance (O&M). Built on years of experience in business management, Huawei’s Remote Emergency Service Solution provides rapid, effective support for Huawei ICT infrastructure. The solution helps guarantee ICT service continuity, user experience, and network construction — covering infrastructure construction, maintenance, and optimization — offering peace of mind for customers and allowing them to focus on their core business.

Providing rapid response for new network construction and emergency capacity expansion, Huawei's Remote Network Design and Commissioning Service is based on a Remote Delivery Center (RDC) and the eRad remote access platform. Harnessing Huawei's experience delivering successful projects, and benefiting from its expert and tool capabilities, the Remote Network Design and Commissioning Service ensures customer requirements are handled in time, providing the same level of service as onsite delivery and meeting all customer network construction requirements, with zero physical touchpoints.

While customers with insufficient O&M staff often struggle to handle alarms, the Huawei Remote Proactive Support Service relies on Huawei's advanced intelligent maintenance platform — eService — to provide customers with 24/7 alarm handling, automatic ticket generation, and remote incident recovery services. With device alarms delivered directly to a Huawei technical support center within minutes, through the eService channel, Huawei experts quickly handle alarms and work to rectify faults in the most effective way.

Addressing potential capacity and performance issues, as well as required changes to ICT infrastructure, Huawei's Remote Optimization and O&M Service uses a remote Network Operations Center (NOC) to monitor the running status of ICT infrastructure and provides 24/7 support. The solution performs qualitative remote inspection to detect early warning of risks, rapidly identifies faults, notifies customers, and collaborates with the Huawei Technical Assistance Center (TAC) to quickly handle all issues. If changes are required, Huawei experts conduct a joint review then provide online assurance as changes are implemented, significantly improving the change success rate.

In addition, to better help customers, Huawei's Partner Powered Implementation Service allows Huawei Certified Service Partners (CSPs) to provide remote implementation solution reviews, configuration or script reviews, and verification services. This service takes full advantage of Huawei's technical support platform, and indirectly involves Huawei's original manufacturer service through the support of a remote delivery team. This solves the issue of insufficient partner capability, gradually improving partner project delivery proficiency through the support of Huawei experts. Collaboration services are comparable to Huawei's original manufacturer services, at low cost and with significantly improved customer satisfaction.

Huawei's Remote Emergency Service Solution ensures the stable running of services in remote office environments, effectively reducing the frequency of onsite services and alleviating the pressure placed on onsite O&M personnel. Overall, it reduces service costs, improves service quality and efficiency, and ensures the continuity of enterprise core services.

For more detailed information, you can join our online webinar on April 9, 2020.