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Why Huawei CloudCampus Has Been Named a Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice?


In recent years, Huawei's consumer device business has been growing quickly, attracting the attention of most people worldwide. Due to this fast-paced growth, numerous people have even overlooked Huawei's strong presence in the carrier network and enterprise businesses. In fact, Huawei has secured the top spot in the global carrier network business, and its enterprise business has made remarkable progress. With unmatched technological innovation, Huawei has made numerous achievements and will continue to reap more success.

Recently, Huawei was named a January 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure due to its award-winning CloudCampus offerings. This accolade has aroused heated discussion across the industry. If you log in to the Gartner Peer Insights website, you will discover that Huawei is the only non-North American vendor that has won the "Customers' Choice" distinction. Huawei's overall customer rating is as high as 4.7 points (5 points in total), which means that Huawei ranks first among the eight winners selected by Gartner from 26 vendor candidates. Huawei's impressive performance exceeds that of other influential vendors such as Cisco and HPE (Aruba).

Gartner's "Customers' Choice": "Oscar" for Vendors

Gartner Peer Insights is an online platform that enables IT decision makers and professionals to rate as well as comment on the devices and services they use. IT practitioners can log in to Gartner Peer Insights and give their anonymous evaluation. The evaluation results are then reviewed and verified by Gartner's professional analysts, helping enterprise managers and decision-makers make more insightful purchase decisions.

On the Gartner Peer Insights website, "Customers' Choice" recognizes vendors that are highly rated by their customers. This honorable title, similar to an "Oscar" in the film industry, represents the highest level of recognition that vendors can receive from professional customers worldwide. It is worth mentioning that Gartner's "Customers' Choice" distinctions are based on customers' authentic comments, signifying vendors' reputation among users, and therefore, these distinctions have more practical and referential significance.

Huawei's Remarkable Performance: Highest Customer Rating and the Only Award Winner Outside of North America

In January, Gartner picked eight winners for "Customers' Choice" distinctions from 26 vendor candidates. Among the winners, Huawei obtains the highest customer rating and the third largest number of customer reviews. According to a report provided by Gartner, Huawei's overall customer rating is 4.7 out of 5 points, ranking No. 1 on the list. In addition, of the eight winners, seven are North American vendors, while Huawei is the only non-North American vendor. Ruijie and H3C, two other Chinese vendors, received only four and one qualified customer reviews, respectively, and therefore were not selected as winners.

With an overall rating score of 4.7 points, Huawei outperformed other influential vendors Cisco and HPE (Aruba), both of whom received 4.6 points. Although Cisco and HPE (Aruba) received more customer reviews than Huawei, their overall customer rating score was lower than that of Huawei.

For Huawei, the "Customers' Choice" distinction is highly significant because it indicates that Huawei's datacom products have been fully recognized by global customers, especially enterprise customers outside China. This signifies far-reaching impact on two levels. First, Huawei has managed to break the dominance of North American vendors in the "Customers' Choice" field and successfully build its own brand and reputation. This is especially noteworthy when you take into account how Cisco's dominance makes it difficult for companies from other regions, especially developing countries, to outperform it. Second, winning this distinction proves that Huawei's globalization strategy is very successful and its products are highly competitive. Despite the US government's ban on Huawei and the rising "Huawei as a threat" misconception, users still view Huawei as one of the best. Finally, in the thriving 5G and Wi-Fi 6 era, Huawei has seized the golden opportunity to lead the industry, indicating that Huawei has great development potential and broad market space.

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