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HNS 2024 | Huawei Unveils All-New Upgrades to Xinghe Intelligent Network Security Solution for Middle East and Central Asia

May 16, 2024

At the forum themed "Innovations Never Stop" during Huawei Network Summit (HNS) 2024, Huawei launched the Xinghe Intelligent Network Security Solution, leading the upgrade of cyber security to the intelligence era and safeguarding enterprises' pace towards the intelligence era.

With the continuous development of intelligence, cyber security threats become more intensified than ever before. Therefore, how to effectively defend against a huge number of security threats has become a pressing issue. This is where Huawei's Xinghe Intelligent Network Security Solution comes in. This feature-rich solution provides cloud-network-edge-endpoint integrated intelligent protection for enterprises.

Xinghu Intelligent Network Security Solution

Xinghu Intelligent Network Security Solution

Adrian Chirita, Principal Network Security and AI Research Expert, Huawei European Research Center, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Xinghe Intelligent SASE — Building an Integrated Intelligent Security System for Enterprises". He expressed that Huawei Xinghe Intelligent SASE Solution has leading intelligent defense capabilities spanning the cloud, network, edge, and endpoint, providing a future-proof intelligent network-security convergence solution for enterprise branches through intelligent analysis, detection, and handling.

Adrian Chirita, Principal Network Security and AI Research Expert, Huawei European Research Center

Adrian Chirita, Principal Network Security and AI Research Expert, Huawei European Research Center

With the accelerated development of service cloudification and hybrid office, enterprise branch network security faces unprecedented challenges, with network security events frequently occurring worldwide. Running over an innovative cloud-network-edge-endpoint integrated architecture, Huawei Xinghe Intelligent SASE intelligent network-security convergence branch security solution enables a comprehensive, efficient, and intelligent network security protection system for global enterprises.

Huawei Xinghe Intelligent SASE Solution has industry-leading intelligent defense capabilities on the cloud, network, edge, and endpoints. Leveraging intelligent analysis, detection, and handling, this future-proof solution offers intelligent network-security convergence security protection for enterprise branches.

Huawei Xinghe Intelligent SASE Solution

On the cloud, Huawei Qiankun security analysis platform uses more than 8000 inference rules to automatically handle 99% of security events on the entire network within seconds. In addition, 25 security detection models are trained through AI. Automatic correlation analysis of security events can be performed based on massive volumes of security alarms, and handling policies are automatically delivered and matched, enabling rapid closed-loop handling of security events within seconds as well as automatic branch maintenance without dedicated personnel. This helps to improve operational efficiency by 100 times.


On the network, the Xinghe Intelligent SASE Solution supports ultra-large networking of 16 hubs and networking of up to 20,000 enterprise branches, meeting the multi-site, multi-data center requirements of large enterprises with multiple branches. Huawei's exclusive dynamic tunneling technology — Ethernet VPN (EVPN) — can automatically set up tunnels in real time, ensuring key service experience. This technology can ensure smooth services even with a packet loss rate of 30%, guaranteeing optimal experience of enterprise branch service networks.


At the edge, Huawei Xinghe Intelligent SASE security gateway comes with four dedicated built-in AI security engines, achieving a threat detection rate of up to 99.9%. Furthermore, the Xinghe Intelligent SASE security gateway integrates a host of network and security capabilities, such as firewall, switching, and routing capabilities. The solution also stands out with network-security convergence, ideal for building a simplified network architecture for enterprises, helping to simplify enterprise branch deployment and O&M and reduce OPEX by 30%.


On the endpoints, derived from HarmonyOS technology kernel, Huawei's latest HiSec Endpoint intelligent endpoint security system is more advanced, intelligent, and efficient. To elaborate, HiSec Endpoint uses the industry's first threat source tracing graph engine to accurately identify and detect 100% of ransomware. Its another highlight is ransomware detection rollback technology that implements one-click automatic recovery, precisely protecting enterprise endpoint data security.


Standing out with leading AI-powered defense capabilities, Huawei Xinghe Intelligent SASE Solution is ideal for providing more efficient, intelligent, and comprehensive branch network security protection for global enterprises and safeguarding enterprises' digital-intelligent transformation from end to end.

Huawei has been engaged in security for more than 20 years. It has six security technology labs and more than 2500 security R&D personnel around the world, and holds more than 3000 patented security technologies. Huawei security remains focused on customer requirements, provides customers with world-leading security products and solutions, and helps customers enhance their capabilities of defending against various network attacks through technological innovation.

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