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GISEC 2024 | Huawei HiSec SASE Solution Builds an Integrated Intelligent Security System for Global Enterprises

At the X-Labs forum of the 2024 Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference (GISEC), Dr. Claas Grohnfeldt, Principal AI and Cyber Security Expert from the Huawei Europe Research Center, launched the HiSec SASE Solution — an intelligent cloud-network-edge-endpoint integrated security system for multi-branch enterprises. In addition, Tan Jing, Chief Architect for XDR from the security product domain of Huawei Datacom Product Line, introduced Huawei HiSec Endpoint intelligent endpoint security system. This future-oriented offering further enhances the cloud-network-edge-endpoint integrated defense capabilities, providing intelligent endpoint ransomware defense for enterprises and comprehensively safeguarding enterprises' data and assets.

Dr. Claas Grohnfeldt, Principal AI and Cyber Security Expert, Huawei Europe Research Center

Dr. Claas Grohnfeldt, Principal AI and Cyber Security Expert, Huawei Europe Research Center

Dr. Claas Grohnfeldt said that with the rapid transformation of enterprises through digital intelligence, new technologies such as cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) have matured over the recent years, and enterprises are migrating their services to the cloud at a faster pace. Already, the proportion of enterprises around the world accessing public cloud services through the Internet has reached 60%. Enterprises are undergoing a shift from enforcing centralized access to services through the headquarters data center to allowing branches to directly access services on the cloud. This brings many new security risks to enterprises. A majority of enterprises, including global multi-branch enterprises, still implement a traditional centralized security approach today, where security appliances and personnel are physically located at the headquarters. As a consequence, the security protection capabilities of the branches are not easily maintained at the same level as that of the headquarters.

This is where Huawei's HiSec SASE intelligent network-security convergence security solution comes in. Designed for multi-branch enterprises, this feature-rich solution is built on Huawei's innovative "cloud-network-edge-endpoint" integrated architecture and stands out with four industry-leading security capabilities: second-level threat handling, ultra-large networking, leading detection performance, and advanced ransomware prevention. All of this makes it ideal for comprehensively and intelligently safeguarding enterprise branch networks.

In the cloud, the HiSec SASE Solution implements unified analysis and O&M of the entire network. Leveraging years of technical accumulation, Huawei has developed more than 8000 security inference rules and intelligent matching algorithms, enabling AI-powered behavioral analytics. This function can defend against the most sophisticated zero-day attacks. Furthermore, the solution provides intelligent defense capabilities, achieving automatic handling of 99% security events on the entire network within seconds as well as automatic branch maintenance without dedicated personnel. On the network, leveraging Huawei's exclusive dynamic tunneling technology — Ethernet VPN (EVPN), this solution supports ultra-large networking of 16 hubs, meeting the multi-site, multi-data center requirements of large enterprises. At the edge, the SASE security gateway integrates a host of network and security capabilities and provides ultimate protection, offering 50% higher threat detection performance than the industry average. On the endpoints, Huawei's efficient endpoint detection and response system — EDR — is deployed in a lightweight manner to precisely identify ransomware among other threats. The exclusive ransomware rollback technology is also applied, achieving one-click automatic recovery and accurate security protection for enterprise data.

Tan Jing, Chief Architect of XDR, Security Product Domain, Huawei Data Communication Product Line

Tan Jing, Chief Architect of XDR, Security Product Domain, Huawei Data Communication Product Line

According to Tan Jing, with the wide application of new AI technologies, hackers can use generative AI technologies to initiate ransomware attacks more conveniently, making enterprise security risks more severe than ever before. As the black market ecosystem develops, ransomware as a service (RaaS) and access as a service (AaaS) are becoming a new norm. According to research institutes, ransomware has become the world's top security threats. Its attack targets include a large number of agentless network devices, storage devices, and IoT devices. Enterprises are in urgent need of an effective anti-ransomware security solution.

To address this, Huawei launches the HiSec Endpoint intelligent endpoint security product. Leveraging Huawei's years of security technology strengths, this product provides powerful security protection capabilities for endpoints. Huawei HiSec Endpoint can detect and collect full-stack information about networks, files, systems, memory, and stacks to implement in-depth visualization of assets and threats, detect asset status in real time, and handle unauthorized processes and events in a timely manner.

In addition, Huawei's innovative endpoint-side AI-powered threat source tracing graph engine works with the NGAV CDE to precisely detect malware through dynamic and static hybrid analysis. In a test conducted by SKD Labs, Huawei's HiSec SASE can detect 99.96% of viruses and 100% of ransomware with zero false positives. Memory scan is also applied to defend against fileless attacks. Stack traceback and instruction analysis are used to detect zero-day vulnerabilities. Based on the threat graph analysis, more than 90% of unknown ransomware can be detected.

That's not all. Huawei HiSec Endpoint implements one-click automatic file recovery from ransomware through Extended Detection and Response (XDR) and network-wide threat analysis and investigation. Huawei's unique kernel-storage collaborative backup can effectively ensure zero data loss.

Huawei HiSec Endpoint combines the powerful computing power and intelligent algorithms of endpoints and the cloud to accurately analyze abnormal behaviors and potential threats in massive volumes of events, further strengthening Huawei's cloud-network-edge-endpoint integrated defense system, laying a solid foundation for data security protection in various industries, such as finance, manufacturing, education, and healthcare.

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As an authoritative conference in the computer security and IoT domain in the Middle East, GISEC is held every year at the Dubai World Trade Centre in the UAE. This conference not only exhibited cutting-edge technologies, but also provided professional forums to attract top cyber security enterprises, innovation elites, and industry leaders from around the world, especially in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. They delved into cyber security challenges and opportunities brought by digital-intelligent transformation as well as industry development trends and directions, and provided thought-provoking suggestions for global enterprises to build cyber security protection lines.