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Huawei is one of the three major ICT manufacturers in the world. It provides a full array of campus switches and WLAN products in various categories. A large number of Huawei switches and WLAN products operate stably on live networks around the world, and widely interoperate with partner and other vendor devices. Huawei develops products in strict accordance with national and international standards and specifications. Products can interoperate with Huawei switches and WLAN products as long as they comply with related standards and specifications. Huawei is committed to building an open, compatible, and sustainable network architecture for maximum protection of customers’ existing and future network investments.

The interconnection and interoperation team of Huawei’s Campus Network Solution provides comprehensive interconnection solutions and interoperability test reports from the dimensions of protocol compatibility, authentication and accounting, network management, and terminal compatibility. The following paragraphs provide information on the interconnection and interoperation capabilities of Huawei’s Campus Network.

The Huawei Campus Switches and WLAN products comply with mainstream standard protocols in the industry. Third-party network devices that follow general protocols can be compatible and interoperable with Huawei devices. For some proprietary protocols of Cisco switches, Huawei devices can support feature interoperation through compatibility protocols or replacement to implement smooth migration of customer network devices.

Huawei’s Campus Network devices support interoperation with mainstream authentication servers. In this manner, Huawei can provide customers with authentication and accounting solutions and can interwork with other vendors’ authentication systems.

Huawei’s Campus Network devices can be managed by mainstream third-party Network Management Systems (NMSs). The third-party network management systems can provide network monitoring and traffic analysis, device performance maintenance and management, as well as device configuration management functions for customers. In this manner, improved compatibility and scalability are supported for customers’ networks.

Terminal Compatibility

With the rapid development of software and hardware technologies, various types of network access terminals have emerged. Huawei’s Campus Switches and WLAN products are interoperable with mainstream wired and wireless terminals to provide optimal network application experiences for customers.