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Article by Network World: How high-quality 10 Gbps campus networks are supporting accelerated digital transformation in finance

Sep 04, 2023

The financial industry is undergoing a seismic shift with digital transformation at its core. Financial institutions and companies are increasingly looking to standardise their network on 10Gbps technology. Huawei has showcased how its latest high-quality 10 Gbps CloudCampus solution meets this need.

Huawei held its Intelligent Finance Summit 2023 in June, with keynote speaker Jason Cao, CEO of Huawei Global Digital Finance, speaking about “Building Resilient Infrastructure” as a key strategic direction for the finance sector.

“Huawei is committed to making strategic investments in foundational technologies to deepen its involvement in the financial industry. In line with this commitment, Huawei has announced four strategic directions for the financial industry: building resilient infrastructure, accelerating application modernization, enhancing data-driven decisions, and enabling scenario innovation,” Mr. Cao said.

“Looking to the future, Huawei will continue exploring business scenarios and developing systematic solutions that align with the strategic directions. Our goal is to help customers build full connectivity featuring agility, experience, and collaboration, and to achieve full intelligence that is real-time, converged, and shared, enabling ubiquitous all-scenario financial services.”

Mr. Cao noted that as the finance industry goes through its digital transformation process, it is also having to respond to an expanded set of challenges and risks.

A greater reliance on cloud services means connectivity must be reliable and low-latency and an increasingly mobile workforce means a higher demand for reliable, high-speed wireless connectivity. This also has to operate alongside the high bandwidth traffic needed for seamless video conferencing.

Meanwhile, the drive to migrate business critical private core applications to the cloud and integrate rapidly evolving public AI technologies, exposes institutions to a broader range of network security risks.

Huawei’s high-quality 10 Gbps CloudCampus solution

Huawei presented its CloudCampus solution, which provides extremely fast network access – up to 10Gbps – across both wired and wireless infrastructure, with integrated comprehensive security.

It meets the four key requirements of financial institutions: ultra-high-speed network access, simplified network architecture, ability to easily deploy branch networks globally, and high-quality experience for users.

Huawei’s strong focus on reducing the complexity of optimising and managing the network is helping financial institutions provide good user experience.

For example, its high-quality 10 Gbps CloudCampus solution includes AI technology to prioritise time-critical traffic like video conferencing and AI network visualisation for administrators to quickly pinpoint and resolve problems.

Leon Wang, President of Huawei Datacom campus domain, reflected on Da Vinci’s observation: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." According to Mr. Wang, "Huawei has always left complexity to itself and simplicity to customers, and has built High-Quality 10 Gbps CloudCampus Solution based on the complex practices of over 100,000 customers."

Breaking the speed limit

IT managers may wonder what application needs 10 Gbps speed. The answer is that while no single application may need the bandwidth, having it available allows a proliferation of high-bandwidth applications able to operate concurrently without slowdowns.

Office networks across the organisation will have adequate speed to enable applications like VR-based immersive conferences.

Where an organisation has enormous virtual machines running core business applications, these could be replicated across cloud regions and data centres in minutes.

Having this level of speed across all branches, not just central facilities, enables the entire extended workforce to benefit from technologies that might have once only been available in head office.

Huawei is deploying the latest emerging technologies, such as AI, Machine Learning (ML) and Wi-Fi 7 as part of its CloudCampus solution. This helps simplify organisations’ O&M, provide touch-free terminal access, and assure good experience for users.

BDO Unibank goes wireless with unprecedented speed

BDO Unibank, a full-service universal bank in the Philippines, has rolled out a Huawei CloudCampus Wi-Fi network with 10Gbps LAN speed and sophisticated security, delivering an improved user experience.

The project included zero-touch deployment and advanced networking features such as POE++ to minimise the bank’s carbon footprint through efficient energy use.

BDO Unibank said it had already seen true value from its investment in this infrastructure.

Huawei’s Intelligent Finance Summit 2023

Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2023 was held June 7-8 in Shanghai, China. Under the theme “Navigate Change, Shaping Smart Finance TOGETHER”, the two-day summit presented Huawei’s key strategies and strategic MOUs signing in the finance sector, along with its newly launched solutions. Industry leaders gathered and shared their insights on digital trends for the future of finance and successful cases. For more details, please visit

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