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FPGGP Members Make Their Voices Heard at Major Events Outside China

May 06, 2023

There have been various major international events staged outside China since the beginning of this year. FPGGP members, including Huawei, Netis, Sunline, and MuRong Technology both attended the MWC 2023 and HIFS for Africa 2023, where they showcased their unique capabilities and excellent practices to global customers, opening up more windows of opportunities for cooperation outside China.

Huawei, Netis, and Sunline, members of FPGGP's board of directors, delivered keynote speeches at MWC 2023, which ended on March 2nd, and introduced joint solutions alongside solution cases.

Huawei: Accelerate Change, Shaping Smarter Greener Finance Together

The global economy is now faced with a new norm. The finance sector is seeing new changes. How do we accelerate the application of new technologies and innovatively improve productivity? As Jason Cao, CEO of Huawei Global Digital Finance, said, "You will understand if you study the trend, be wise if you follow the trend, and be a winner if you adapt to the trend." Huawei strives to accelerate technology application in six fields, including shifting from transaction to digital engagement, developing cloud-native applications and data, evolving infrastructure to MEGA (multi-domain collaborative, efficient, green, and autonomous), industrializing data and AI application, enhancing real-time data analysis, and moving towards a cutting-edge AI brain. In this way, Huawei helps financial customers accelerate changes, innovatively improve productivity, make productivity visible, and speed up evolution towards the future.

Jason Cao delivered a speech in the Finance Session at MWC 2023

Netis: Showcasing China's Business-Level AIOps Solution to the World

Wizard He, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Netis, delivered a keynote speech at the Finance Session and Open Speech during MWC 2023, and introduced Netis' Business-Level AIOps Solution jointly developed with Huawei. The solution can span traditional architecture, multi-vendor hybrid cloud, public cloud, and network devices and applications. It instantly delivers unified, business-oriented, and end-to-end intelligent O&M analysis, while offering high performance and entailing zero risks. Wizard also shared Netis' successful experience of helping Bank D and Bank of Beijing deploy the solution.

Left: Wizard speaking at the Finance Session
Right: Wizard speaking at the Open Speech

Sunline: Helping Banks Modernize Their Cores

At MWC 2023, Ken Siew, Sunline's Head of Solutions, delivered a keynote speech on banking core modernization. Ken explained the major challenges that banks are facing, with particular emphasis on the rapid development of new technologies, core banking features, and how new core open banking can be achieved. Sunline's digital transformation strategy and its autonomous, secure, and controllable distributed architecture solution based on Huawei Cloud were highlighted during his speech. In addition, Ken shared Sunline's success stories of helping Akulaku and Bank Neo Commerce (BNC) in Indonesia go digital.

Ken Siew at the Open Speech

Furthermore, FPGGP members were also invited to another key event of Huawei Global Digital Finance — HIFS for Africa 2023.

The summit, which was held in Cape Town, South Africa from March 23 to 24, revolves around the digital transformation of Africa's banking industry. Huawei announced its "Non-Stop Banking" initiative at the summit. The initiative calls for joint collaboration between the ICT and banking industries to stabilize online services and prevent virus intrusions and facilitate a digital future of "non-stop" services, "non-stop" development, and "non-stop" innovation for Africa's banking industry. Netis and MuRong Technology presented themselves and delivered keynote speeches at the summit, aiming to work with Huawei to help African financial customers accelerate digital transformation.

Huawei Calls Africa's Banking Industry to Evolve Towards Non-Stop Digital Services

"Huawei is dedicated to helping its African financial customers address challenges and accelerate changes across six fields: shifting from transaction to digital engagement, cloud-native and agile businesses, data democratization, secure and reliable infrastructure, hybrid multi-cloud and Lego-style modular services, and automated and predictable operation," said Jason Cao. "In this way, Huawei will facilitate financial digitalization and innovatively improve productivity in Africa. Revolving around stability, agility, and intelligence, Huawei aims to build 'non-stop' financial services, and achieve 'non-stop' development alongside 'non-stop' innovation," he added.

Jason Cao speaking at the summit

Netis: Business-Level AIOps Solution Safeguards Uninterrupted Services

Dan Wang, President of Netis Global, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Business-Level AIOps Solution for Financial Services" and shared Netis' technical insights and implementation experience in the intelligent O&M domain. The solution detects faults within one minute, diagnoses the cause within three minutes, and restores services within five minutes, ensuring service continuity. "Netis hopes to work closely with Huawei to promote the digital transformation of Africa's banking industry and help more African financial customers engage in 'non-stop' services, businesses, and innovation," said Dan Wang.

Dan Wang delivered a speech at the summit

MuRong Technology: Huawei Cloud-based Digital Banking SaaS Solution Will Facilitate the Digital Transformation of Africa's Banks

MuRong unveiled its Digital Banking SaaS Solution at the summit. The solution is based on the Huawei Cloud and is designed to help Africa's banking industry go digital. John Mutai Mugo, Senior Consultant of MuRong in the African region, said that MuRong had accumulated extensive experience in the banking digitalization domain. "MuRong has been committed to helping Africa's banks go digital over the past four years and allowing more low-income groups to have access to digital financial services, which unlocks the potential of boosting banking and digitalization businesses in Africa," said John. "At the same time, MuRong has been increasing its R&D investment so that it can continuously provide the most advanced digital financial technologies to sub-Saharan Africa, predominately Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa."

John gave an address at the summit

Riding on the wave of going global, FPGGP members will work hand in hand and embrace changes, starting the new journey of expanding the international market.