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FPGGP Summit 2023

Jun 06, 2023

FPGGP Summit 2023, the annual summit of Huawei Financial Partner Go Global Program (FPGGP) was held in Shanghai on June 6, 2023, the eve of the Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2023 (HiFS 2023). FPGGP Summit 2023 also fell on the second anniversary of FPGGP, naturally leading the 25 members to look back on their progress and achievements over the last two years, as well as the opportunities and challenges they have faced on their digital journeys.

FPGGP was officially launched on June 3, 2021, and since then it has been committed to building a cooperative platform for co-innovation, sharing, and all-round win-wins. Up to now, the FPGGP members have co-created over 20 financial scenario-based solutions, which have been implemented across 14 countries and regions.

The 25 FPGGP members also attended the HiFS 2023, alongside the solution release ceremony of multiple joint solutions. They introduced these solutions in detail at sub-forums and the Open Speech of HiFS 2023.

Sunline: Sunline and Huawei jointly released modernized and digital Core solutions — mCore and iCore — for markets outside China. The two solutions will be built on a powerful and scalable technical architecture. In addition, they can seamlessly connect to other systems and applications through integration driven by Huawei cloud computing, microservices, a distributed framework, and APIs. With these solutions centering around a full range of banking scenarios, Huawei and Sunline will help financial customers achieve stable and robust service growth.

Netis: The Digital CORE Full-Link AIOps Solution jointly released by Netis and Huawei provides modernized and intelligent O&M for banks' next-generation digital CORE, assiduously protecting the digital CORE service system.

Wallyt: Wallyt and Huawei have co-developed the aggregated acquiring/e-wallet solution, jointly providing acquiring-centered fintech services for financial institutions. Focusing on payment services in consumer and O2O scenarios, the solution helps financial institutions promptly respond to market changes and user needs, ensuring high efficiency and sound user experience. It is set to push the intelligent, efficient, and sustainable development of the financial industry.

Tongdun: Relying on its own shared intelligence platform and decision-making intelligence platform, Tongdun, together with Huawei, provides financial institutions with a wide range of services, including credit rating, intelligent anti-fraud and anti-money laundering. These are all based on Huawei Financial Data Intelligence Solution that uses intelligent decision-making technologies, strongly supporting the intelligent transformation of the financial industry.

At FPGGP Summit 2023, Song Danping, President of Global Ecosystem Cooperation, Huawei Global Digital Finance, reviewed the two-year history of FPGGP, which can be divided into three stages. The first stage is from June 2021 to the end of 2021, during which one themed activity was held each month to promote the communication and rapport between Huawei and its partners, as well as amongst partners themselves. The second stage spanned throughout the whole year of 2022. Huawei and partners, as well as partners amongst themselves, developed joint solutions and implemented many exemplary projects to win more customers and a larger market share. The third stage began at the beginning of 2023, and ever since Huawei has worked with partners to acquire customers and connect with local ecosystem partners across various countries and regions, so as to replicate their successful experience and implement joint solutions globally.

Song Danping, President of Global Ecosystem Cooperation, Huawei Global Digital Finance, talking about FPGGP's stories

In addition, all FPGGP members shared and discussed the challenges, achievements, opportunities, and prospects of their business expansion outside China. Specifically, 12 partners, including Sunline, Sinosoft, Netis, MuRong Technology, Hi Sun Global(HSG), Weaver, Tongdun, Wallyt, Chinasoft International, Yusys Technologies, Kyligence, and FanRuan, all shared valuable experience regarding differences between China and other countries in business requirements, culture, laws and regulations, project delivery, and more. This proves that to go global, all FPGGP members should make long-term strategies with determined investment, and set up local teams to cooperate with more ecosystem partners. Only in this way can they keep up with the technical trend of global digital transformation, boost international business growth, and create new value together.

To date, Huawei has served over 3,300 financial customers in more than 60 countries and regions, including 50 of the world's top 100 banks. Moving forward, Huawei remains committed to advancing cutting-edge technologies and exploring new scenarios, while at the same time collaborating with customers and partners to build fully-connected, fully-intelligent, and all-scenario digital finance. By navigating changes with agility and innovation, Huawei aims to enhance digital productivity and create a brighter future together with customers and partners.