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vp9860a t 02 product

HUAWEI VP9800A-T Series 4K Media Engine

Huawei VP9800A-T series MCU is a next-generation media engine with H.265 4K full encoding and decoding capabilities and multi-stream forwarding capabilities. Using the H.265 SCC, a brand new HD codec that supports a resolution of up to 4K for data conferences, it integrates video, audio, presentation, and data to enable seamless communication and collaboration. It supports resource pool management, backup between MCUs in a resource pool, and backup between resource pools, delivering a superb conference experience.

vp9800a overview pc

HUAWEI VP9800A Series Fully Convergent Media Engine

Next generation highly scalable media engines with large capacity and flexible ports, supporting resolution of up to 4K for data conferences that integrate video, audio, presentation, and data for seamless communication and collaboration.


HUAWEI CloudMCU — Cloud-Based MCU

Integrates audio, video, and data for seamless communication and consistency of experience from meeting rooms to personal devices, such as cellphones and PCs. It centrally manages and controls conferencing resources to meet cloud requirements of enterprises and service providers.

smc3 1

SMC Video Conferencing Service Management System

Huawei Service Management Center (SMC) is a next-generation video conferencing management system. It supports easy-to-use conference management and control, visualized O&M, and unified scheduling and management of video conference devices and media resources on the entire network, meeting the needs of video conferences at different scales.

cloudlnk edge 1000

SwitchCenter-Anrufsteuerung und Firewall Traversal Server

Ein H.323- und SIP-kompatibler Server, der Anrufsteuerung und Traversal zwischen öffentlichen und privaten Netzen unterstützt. Es ermöglicht eine nahtlose Zusammenarbeit per Video zwischen privaten und öffentlichen Netzwerken, zwischen Zentrale und Niederlassungen und auch zwischen Unternehmen möglich ist.

rse8800a 02 product

HUAWEI RSE8800A 4K Recording & Streaming Engine

A next generation 4K recording and streaming engine that supports H.265 4K30 dual-stream UHD recording, livestreaming, VOD, and mobile viewing. It offers high performance, stability, and reliability, delivering easy-to-use videoconferencing for diverse industries.


HUAWEI CloudRSE Video Conferencing Recording and Streaming Server

CloudRSE is Huawei's next-gen platform for recording and streaming video conferences. Supporting 1080p60 HD recording, live streaming, and video on demand (VOD), as well as mobile viewing, It provides easy-to-use, reliable, and full HD recording services for video conferences. It is widely used in scenarios such as video conferences, enterprise training, and distance education.

cloudlnk edge 1000

Huawei CloudLink Edge 1000 Integrated Video Conferencing Solution

Huawei CloudLink Edge 1000 is a highly integrated video conferencing solution for small and medium enterprises. It supports accesses from multiple types of terminals, achieving flexible communications inside and outside enterprises.

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