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Huawei Intelligent Pipeline Solution

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Integrated Oil and Gas (Pipeline) Network

The solution is, in effect, a station network solution that supports long-haul optical transmission and complements optical, Internet Protocol (IP), and wireless transmission. Quite simply, it supports data communication for production, security protection, and office services along pipelines.

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Digital and Intelligent Pipeline

To prevent intrusions, Huawei has developed specialized vibration sensors that work with AI intelligent analysis. The sensors identify external vibration around buried optical cables, for example mechanical or manual excavation. Then, the system generates alarms, protecting the area from intrusions and cables from damage. Huawei also offers an intelligent line inspection solution. The solution delivers a high recognition rate and works with our intelligent video security system. Together, these technologies enable optical-visual linkage, accurately locate abnormal points, and report alarms. As a result, they can automatically detect pipeline intrusions around the clock, sending precise warnings to operators.

Stories of Success

Using Huawei's distributed optical fiber warning system, Shandong Jihua Gas has added unattended inspections to its pipeline O&M. This has helped the enterprise increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption.