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    Large and Midsize Campus
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    Next-Generation Fully-Wireless Intelligent Network Architecture,
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Large and Midsize Campus Network Solution

Large and midsize campus networks support the access and management of more than 1000 terminals. They usually comprise multiple buildings and adopt a typical three-layer network architecture — access, aggregation, and core. In addition, multi-service virtual networks (VNs) are constructed based on SDN and VXLAN technologies. Typical scenarios include higher education campus networks, government office campus networks, large enterprise HQ campus networks, and so on.

Responding to industry trends and user requirements, Huawei Large and Midsize Campus Network Solution offers a future-oriented target network architecture. It helps enterprises build an intelligent network featuring multi-network convergence, ultra-broadband, simplicity, security, and high energy efficiency, greatly improving users' fully-wireless office experience and enterprise production efficiency.


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• Seamless roaming, no office Wi-Fi disconnections
• Only half a day required for flexible production line adjustment

Ultra-Broadband Interconnection


• Per-user bandwidth: 1 Gbit/s
• Smooth expansion, protecting investments


• Entire network managed as one logical device
• 80% fewer managed nodes


Huawei Large and Midsize Campus Network Solution innovates with a next-generation simplified network architecture that comprises wired/wireless remote units (RUs), central switches, and hybrid copper-fiber cables (hybrid cables). This enables long-distance access over a single network and also creates 100G ultra-broadband between central switches and the core layer. Additionally, Huawei's iMaster-NCE facilitates intelligent deployment and O&M. These capabilities help customers build high-quality campuses with premium network experience.

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CloudEngine S12700E Series Switches

CloudEngine S12700E series switches are next-generation flagship core switches designed for high-end campus networks. They provide industry-leading switching performance and innovative native WAC features, making them ideal for building high-quality campus networks in the Wi-Fi 6 era.
• Maximum switching capacity: 1024 Tbit/s
• Maximum LPU slots: 12
• Maximum 100GE ports: 288
• Abundant port types: 100GE/40GE/10GE/GE
• Wired and wireless convergence, supporting management of up to 10K APs


CloudEngine S8700 Series Switches

• Ultra-large capacity: 384 x multi-GE ports (10GE capable)
• Long-distance access: unique PoE++ power supply at an ultra-long distance of 300 m
• Ultra-high reliability: microsecond-level active/standby switchover, providing always-on services

s5731 h

CloudEngine S5731-H Series Hybrid Optical-Electrical Switches

• GE/10GE hybrid optical-electrical access, 10GE uplink supported
• Switching capacity: 758 Gbit/s, expandable to 7.58 Tbit/s
• Wired and wireless convergence, facilitating simplified network and user management
• Telemetry-based minute-level network fault locating

s5731 l

CloudEngine S5731-L Series Remote Unit Switches

• Simplified deployment: planning-free, management-free, and plug-and-play
• Low-carbon and energy-saving: < 1 W average power consumption of a single port, saving energy by 30%
• Bidirectional PoE: optical-electrical PoE power supply, ensuring network continuity even without local power supply