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CloudLink Board All-in-One Collaborative Telepresence
Ideal for video conferencing and interactive collaboration, with integrated voice control, intelligent tracking, facial recognition, and other intelligent functions.

Collaborative Telepresence


  • MAX PRESENCE Immersive Telepresence System

    Huawei has launched the world’s first MAX PRESENCE system, which is designed for large meeting rooms. It delivers cinema-level meeting experience with its ultra-wide panoramic display, and is integrated with video conferencing, surveillance, and data information systems to facilitate decision making.

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  • TP Series Immersive Telepresence Systems

    Huawei TP Series Immersive Telepresence is the next-generation panoramic telepresence system with a brand-new codec, panoramic camera, and ultra-narrow-bezel display. It provides the panoramic view of a 6-participant meeting, which is an ideal choice for professional meeting rooms.

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  • RP Series Room Telepresence Systems

    Huawei RP Series Room Presence is a cost-effective videoconferencing system with multiple models. It can be easily installed in multiple ways.

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Room Endpoints

  • TE10 Huddle-Room Cloud Video Endpoint

    Huawei TE10 is an innovative cloud-based videoconferencing endpoint, which can connect to a wide range of cloud platforms. With a compact ‘6-in-1’ design, it adopts professional audio and video communications technologies and has impressive network adaptation capabilities. The TE10 is an optimal communications choice for huddle rooms and staff on business trips.

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  • TE20 All-in-One HD Videoconferencing Endpoint

    Huawei TE20 is an innovative, cost-effective videoconferencing endpoint. It is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized meeting rooms.

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  • TE30 All-in-One HD Videoconferencing Endpoint

    Huawei TE30 is a ‘3-in-1’ HD videoconferencing endpoint designed for small and medium-sized meeting rooms. It is easy to install, easy to use, and cost-effective.

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  • TE40/50/60 HD Videoconferencing Endpoints

    Huawei TE40/50/60 is a full-HD videoconferencing endpoint that supports 1080p60 for both video and presentation simultaneously. It offers a wide array of audio and video ports, multi-view, and Wi-Fi connections, and can be easily integrated into meeting rooms of all sizes.

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  • TX50 HD Videoconferencing Endpoint

    Huawei TX50 is a next-generation professional HD videoconferencing endpoint that saves 50% bandwidth with H.265. It offers a wide array of audio and video ports, multi-view, and Wi-Fi connections, and is suitable for large meeting rooms.

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Personal Endpoints

  • DP300 Desktop Telepresence

    Huawei DP300 is a high-end videoconferencing desktop endpoint, which comes fully integrated with codec, hi-fi speaker, camera, microphone, and 27-inch touchscreen.

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  • Video Phone 8950

    Integrates crystal-clear audio, HD video, and unified communications applications to deliver a simple, secure, and smooth experience, helping enterprises improve their collaboration capabilities.

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  • IP Phone 7900 Series

    Huawei’s innovative IP Phone 7900 Series, a next-generation superb multi-line IP phone, provides a color screen with the simplified user interface, programmable keys, and crystal-clear audio to deliver efficient and intuitive operation experiences.

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  • eSpace Desktop & eSpace Mobile
    Desktop and mobile clients for Huawei’s Cloud Enterprise Communications Solution, delivering comprehensive collaboration experiences, anytime, anywhere.
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  • TE Desktop/Mobile Videoconferencing Soft Client

    Easily connects to your company's video conferencing system and provides high quality video, audio, and content sharing.

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  • SoftConsole Attendant Console

    The SoftConsole, an attendant console of the Huawei Enterprise Cloud Communications solution, enables attendants to efficiently handle a mass of calls. It helps enterprises create a superb service portal and enhance the corporate image.

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  • VPT300 Intelligent Tracking Video Camera

    Huawei VPT300 is an innovative intelligent tracking device, which is equipped with two VPC600 HD cameras. Using professional sound localization and image analysis technologies, Huawei VPT300 enables automatic tracking of speakers and intelligent image adjustment without manual intervention.

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  • VPC800 4K Ultra-HD Video Camera

    Huawei VPC800, the industry’s first 4K, ultra-HD PTZ camera, is coupled with an extensive portfolio of Huawei’s HD videoconferencing endpoints to provide clear and sharp images for superb meeting experiences.

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  • VPC600 Series Full HD Video Cameras

    Huawei VPC620/VPC600, a next-generation 1080p60 full-HD PTZ camera, collaborates with Huawei’s full-series videoconferencing endpoints to provide HD video conferencing.

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CloudUSM Unified Session Manager

The Cloud Unified Session Manager (CloudUSM) functions as the core switching device in the Huawei Enterprise Cloud Communications solution to provide a unified session and media control platform for services including audio, video, mobile applications, and multimedia conferencing.

  • SwitchCenter Call Control and Firewall Traversal Server

    A H.323- and SIP-compliant server that supports call control and traversal between public and private networks. It allows a maximum of 6,000 registration parties and 300 Mbit/s traversal traffic, making seamless video collaboration possible between private and public networks, between the headquarters and branches, and even across enterprises.

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  • SMC2.0 Videoconferencing Service Management System

    The Service Management System 2.0 (SMC2.0) is a next-generation videoconferencing service management system developed by Huawei to deliver centralized management over video communications services of enterprises.

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  • RSE6500 HD Recording and Streaming Engine

    Huawei RSE6500 is a next-generation recording server that provides HD conference recording, live broadcasting, and mobile VOD.

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  • CloudECS IM and Presence Server

    The Cloud Enhanced Communication Suite (CloudECS) serves as the messaging and presence server in the Huawei Enterprise Cloud Communications solution. It provides secure and diverse communication means inside and outside enterprises, allowing users to enjoy efficient and borderless collaborative communication anytime, anywhere.

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  • Unified Messaging System

    The Unified Messaging System is an important component of the Huawei Enterprise Cloud Communications solution, providing voice and fax mailbox functions. It is intelligent, high-performance and multi-channel.

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VP9600 Series Universal Transcoding MCUs

Huawei VP9600 Series MCU is a next-generation universal transcoding MCU with large capacity, flexible port utilization, and high scalability. It is suitable for enterprises of all sizes and videoconferencing service carriers to deliver a superb meeting experience to users.

  • CloudMCU Cloud-based MCU

    A powerful media-convergence platform for enterprise cloud communications that connects multiple terminals within a room, as well as PCs and mobile phones. By integrating a variety of media capabilities, including audio, video, and data, CloudMCU achieves seamless unified communications and collaboration.

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U1900 Series Unified Gateways

The U1900 Series functions as a trunk gateway, branch gateway, and local regeneration gateway in the Huawei Enterprise Cloud Communications solution. It meets the communication needs of enterprises of different sizes and types and provides professional VoIP solutions.

  • IAD Integrated Access Devices

    The Integrated Access Device (IAD) allows users in small and medium-sized branches of enterprises or SOHO users to remotely access IP PBXs to implement VoIP, Fax over IP (FoIP), and data access services.

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  • SE1000 and Lync Gateway

    Huawei SE1000-E600, a next-generation SBC designed for enterprise communications networks, offers convenient, secure, and high-quality audio and video service experiences. The SE1000-E600 also serves as the Lync Gateway, which enables Huawei’s videoconferencing and IPT systems to interoperate with Microsoft’s Lync/Skype for Business /Office 365 systems.

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Why Huawei?

  • One-Stop Solution

    Huawei Enterprise Communications is committed to offering customers a one-stop, all-in-one, cloud-based digital collaboration platform, enabling digital transformation for enterprises and helping them achieve efficient collaboration and business agility.

  • Ultimate Experience

    Huawei is dedicated to the research and development of enterprise communications, and helps to provide customers with ultra-HD, immersive, and intelligent experiences to enhance their collaboration efficiency.

  • Trusted Worldwide

    Huawei enterprise communications products and solutions serve companies, industry customers, and service providers in more than 100 countries around the world. They are widely used in government, public safety, education, transportation, and finance sectors.

Find the Right Cloud Communications Solution

  • 0103

    Video Conferencing Solution

    Provides superb audio and video for smooth conferencing to lower expenses on business trips and improve communication and decision-making efficiency.

  • 0203

    Converged Communications Solution

    Builds up enterprise communication systems with mobility, video, and collaboration capabilities and seamlessly integrates with enterprise application systems to achieve efficient collaboration.

  • 0303

    Contact Center Solution

    Offers diverse communications methods and value-added services to transform your contact center into a profit center that supports customer services and precision marketing.

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