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AP8050DN & AP8150DN Access Points

Huawei AP8050DN and AP8150DN are the latest-generation 802.11ac Wave 2 outdoor Access Points (APs) that support 2 x 2 MU-MIMO and two spatial streams. The ruggedized APs provide excellent outdoor coverage performance and built-in Bluetooth. These APs are recommended for use in coverage scenarios (for example, high-density stadiums, squares, pedestrian streets, and amusement parks) and bridging scenarios (such as wireless harbors, data backhaul, video security, and train-to-ground backhaul).



Specifications AP8050DN & AP8150DN
Dimensions (H x W x D) 100 mm x 220 mm x 220 mm
Power Input PoE power supply: In compliance with IEEE 802.3 at
Maximum Power Consumption AP8050DN: 18W
AP8150DN: 18W

Note: The actual maximum power consumption depends on local laws and regulations
Operating Temperature –40°C to +65°C
Antenna Type AP8050DN: Built-in directional antennas
AP8150DN: External antennas
Maximum Number of Concurrent Users ≤ 512
Maximum Transmit Power AP8050DN:
- 2.4G: 27 dBm (combined power)
- 5G: 26 dBm (combined power)
2.4G: 27 dBm (combined power)
5G: 24 dBm (combined power)

Note: The actual transmit power depends on local laws and regulations
MIMO: Spatial Streams 2 x 2:2
Radio Protocols 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ac Wave 2
Maximum Rate AP8050DN: 1.267 Gbit/s
AP8150DN: 1.73 Gbit/s

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