• OceanStor Computational Storage

    OceanStor Computational Storage

    An innovative new approach to hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI).


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Three Challenges of Edge Infrastructure

Reliable Data Foundation

Traditional solutions lack workload reliability required for mission-critical applications, such as online transactional processing (OLTP) databases and file sharing.

Automatic Service Provisioning

Lightweight Deployment

Traditional solutions are designed for data centers, meaning high total cost of ownership (TCO) at the edge.

End-to-end Networking

Scalable & Open Hardware

In traditional solutions, storage and compute are tightly coupled and must be expanded simultaneously.

Computational Storage Redefines HCI

With constantly changing application scenarios, the edge infrastructure needs a new solution. Huawei OceanStor computational storage is the next step in the evolution of HCI. Based on traditional HCI, OceanStor computational storage comprehensively upgrades storage and compute capabilities to improve user experience. It also integrates dual-controller primary storage and enterprise-level SAN and NAS features to provide 99.9999% carrier-class reliability. Furthermore, OceanStor computational storage features a switchless architecture and optimal open hardware, delivering plug-and-play, diversified computing power, and rapid delivery within one hour.

Why Huawei Computational Storage?


Storage + Compute Convergence

The converged compute, network, and storage, switchless architecture, and full-mesh interconnection reduce TCO by 20% compared with traditional solutions.

icon secure reliable

Ultimate Reliability

Built upon primary storage, all components are redundant, meaning 99.9999% reliability, stable low latency, and professional SAN and NAS features.

045 robust platform compatibility

Simple yet Flexible

Deployment through barcode scanning is shortened to just 1 hour, Huawei Blue Whale Marketplace makes app deployment easier in one click, and simplified O&M boosts remote O&M efficiency for multiple devices.

Multi-Link Binding

Ultimate Hardware Openness

The decoupled design enables flexible configuration of compute and storage resources, and the open hardware supports plug and play for third-party standard compute mainboards.