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Smart Retail

Leading Development of Digital Infrastructure to Foster Growth with Smart Retail

The retail industry has evolved from offline to online and ultimately to omni-channel integrated operation, ushering in the New Retail era. Retail enterprises always strive for better quality, lower costs, and higher efficiency. To achieve these goals, they must undergo an intelligent upgrade, which is made possible by digital transformation.


Retail Cloud

Retail Cloud

HUAWEI CLOUD Smart Retail Solution integrates retail industry applications with cloud services, big data, and artificial intelligence to build omni-channel online and offline solutions that facilitate digital transformation of the retail industry and improve user experience.

Real-World Success

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C. J. Wigger : Future-Proofed Storage Power for the ERP System

The hardware store specialist C. J. Wigger now uses an all-flash memory from Huawei to ensure ultra-fast access to its ERP system. Discover more.

citrus seamless wireless coverage list

Найкращі враження від покупок для клієнтів: українська мережа магазинів "Цитрус" пропонує безшовне бездротове покриття

Цитрус займає лідируючі позиції серед найпопулярніших українських магазинів гаджетів. Завдяки Huawei Citrus домігся поліпшення продуктивності і надійності мережі. Технології алгоритму Wi-Fi 6 просувають Citrus вперед за рахунок значного збільшення пропускної здатності і скорочення затримки.

Puregold Enhances Storage Reliability and Performance for 24x7 Business Continuity

Puregold Enhances Storage Reliability and Performance for 24x7 Business Continuity

To better manage the explosive growth of its customer and business data, Puregold has decided that they need a complete transformation and upgrade of its storage systems. Data protection is critical to safeguard its confidential and business information.

southstar drug Wi Fi6 box v2

Southstar Drug Gets Ready for the Future with Huawei Wi-Fi 6

To handle rapid service growth, Southstar Drug needs a new cost-effective data center that delivers stable, high-bandwidth connections.

Unieuro: Wi-Fi-Based Precision Marketing

Unieuro is the largest omnichannel distributor of consumer electronics and household appliances by number of stores in Italy. It requires a Wi-Fi solution that can achieve 100% coverage,and be an online-offline integrated marketing tool as well as an open platform.

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