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    Service-Oriented WAN

    With efficient transmission capabilities, WANs unleash the potential of data and computing power


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WAN Enters the 3.0 Era

WANs connect production sites, such as campuses, enterprise sites, data centers, and clouds. Government and enterprise service cloudification as well as industry digitalization drive WANs to evolve from a support system to a production system and serve enterprises' production, office, and management services. As service-oriented unified operations gains momentum, WANs are entering the 3.0 era.

Talking Points


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e-Gov. Network

Build an urban optical network and an e-Gov. bearing network that feature wide coverage, converged service bearing, and differentiated services to achieve intensive construction and service-oriented operations of government networks.

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Industry WAN

Amid the digital transformation in industries such as transportation and energy, build resilient, reliable, intelligent, and service-oriented IP & Optical production networks to facilitate such digital transformation.

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Enterprise WAN

With large enterprises implementing service cloudification, build an intent-driven, elastic, stable, and agile enterprise office network to help enterprises quickly migrate services to the cloud and provide differentiated experience assurance.

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Data Center Interconncetion

Build an ultra-high-bandwidth and low-latency DCI network to overcome space limitations and unleash computing power.

Success Stories

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How Huawei Built a Foundation for Digital Government Construction in Beijing

The Huawei Intent-Driven e-Government extranet solution uses Huawei's AirEngine, NetEngine, CloudEngine, and HiSecEngine and the next-generation e-Government network architecture to accelerate data sharing and collaborative management of government private networks at all levels and ensure network service quality, enabling one network for all government services, unified management, and unified maintenance.

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Huawei CloudWAN Solution Helps Agricultural Bank of China Build an Intelligent Backbone Network

Based on Huawei's CloudWAN solution, the Agricultural Bank of China has created an industry-leading financial backbone network, with Huawei’s SRv6 technology helping to improve the service experience of core global business transactions

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aixit Builds Its Own DCI Network with Huawei DC OptiX

As a closed partner of aixit, Huawei has proposed its DC OptiX solution with flag-ship product OptiXtrans DC908 for connecting data centers of aixit. The DC OptiX solution is providing a single-wavelength 200G bandwidth with long-distance performance through Frankfurt, Heuchelheim, and ParderBorn.

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Таїланд на Близькому Сході та в Африці: створення високонадійної мережі електропостачання

Заява про місію MEA полягає у тому, щоб «впроваджувати інновації та експлуатувати інтелектуальну енергетичну систему, щоб розширити можливості міського життя для інтелектуального життя», що безпосередньо веде до її твердого бачення «Енергія для міського життя, активізація інтелектуального життя». Як МЕА виконуватиме свою місію та бачення з такими гучними заявами про майбутнє?