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RF Signal Couplers

A coupler divides one channel of Radio Frequency (RF) signals (including WLAN signals) into two channels to improve area coverage. Huawei RF couplers improve RF and WLAN indoor area coverage. The coupler proportionally divides a signal on the input port into uneven signals on two output ports.

After the coupler divides a channel of RF and WLAN signals into two channels, it sends the two channels to an antenna system’s power dividers — and is designed for indoor, distributed Huawei AP6310SN access points. The frequency range of the coupler is 800 MHz to 2,500 MHz.

The divided channels cover building floors or areas throughout the antenna system. There are five models of couplers available based on your site survey. Coupling degrees range from 5 dB, 7 dB, 10 dB, 15 dB, to 20 dB. For details about model selection, contact Huawei network planning engineers who will be glad to assist you.

Combine Huawei indoor WLAN couplers with AP6310SN Access Points to extend coverage and fine-tune wireless access.

  • Five models of couplers are available to improve RF and WLAN indoor area coverage, based on your environment. These couplers are used specifically with Huawei AP6310SN APs
  • Proportionally divides one channel of radio signals into two channels of signals
  • Frequency band ranges from 800 MHz to 2,500 MHz
  • The output power of the two channels is based on the coupling degree
  • Five coupler models are available with coupling degrees of 5 dB, 7 dB, 10 dB, 15 dB, and 20 dB








Frequency Range

800 MHz to 2,500 MHz

Degree of Coupling

5 dB

7 dB

10 dB

15 dB

20 dB

Standing-Wave Ratio

< 1.22

< 1.5

< 1.5

< 1.5

< 1.22

Insertion Loss

≤ 2.05 dB

≤ 1.4 dB

≤ 0.8 dB

≤ 0.5 dB

≤ 0.4 dB

Maximum Power







≤ 0.5 kg


N (Female)

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