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ACU2 Wireless Access Controller Unit

Huawei’s Access Controller Unit 2 (ACU2) lets you build a WLAN fast by adding ACU2s to Huawei S7700/S9700/S12700 wired network switches, used in large enterprise or campus networks.

The reliable ACU2 delivers large-capacity and high-density access services with up to 40 Gbit/s line forwarding. Each ACU2 controls up to 2,048 APs and 32K STAs. Up to 11 ACU2s can be added to a switch for seamless expansion. When connected to an aggregation switch, the ACU2 can manage both wired and wireless access services in a centralized manner.

Step into the future of wireless communications with the ACU2 Wireless Access Controller Unit.

Switch to a robust and secure WLAN without a large investment

  • Large-capacity, high-performance AC with 40 Gbit/s line-speed centralized forwarding, 2K managed APs, and 32K access users
  • As an independent service unit, the ACU2 adds easy deployment, centralized management, and seamless expansion
  • Flexible deployment and data forwarding include inline or bypass deployment, direct (local or distributed) forwarding, and tunnel (centralized) forwarding
  • Fine-grained user and user group management with user- and role-based access controls using ACLs, user/intergroup/intragroup isolation policies, and bandwidth limits
  • Flexible operation, easy management and maintenance using Huawei’s intelligent eSight NMS, web browser, or Command Line Interface (CLI), plus remote AP configuration and WLAN management; graphic visualizers for WLAN O&M provide management data at a glance





1 x console + 1 x GE port



Power Supply

Chassis power supply

Forwarding Capability

40 Gbit/s

Maximum Number of Managed APs


Maximum Number of Access Users


AP-AC Networking

Layer 2 or Layer 3 networking

Forwarding Modes

Direct forwarding (distributed forwarding or local forwarding) or tunnel forwarding (centralized forwarding)

AC Active/Standby Modes

1+1 HSB or N+1 backup

Radio Protocols

802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ac wave 2

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