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Techaccess Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

Authorized Area/Country: Pakistan

Partner Company Logo:

Company Briefing:

Techaccess is a regional IT Infrastructure and System Integration Company, delivering intelligent business solutions, technical support and a diverse range of IT services to Our Clients. With offices in Pakistan, U.A.E, and Africa, Techaccess adds consummate business value to industries through Consulting, IT Infrastructure and Enterprise Management. Over a decade of experience and the certification from the ISO 9001:2008 Standard, makes us optimally equipped to provide effective solutions with comprehensive consolidation.

Techaccess provides clients with the information they require to support their strategic IT decision making. Detailed technical advice and knowledge is provided through our team of highly qualified IT specialists and consultants.

Techaccess has successfully completed and maintained mission-critical projects in Government, Telecommunications, Defense, Oil and Gas, Banks and Financial Institutes and other important sectors in Pakistan.

Contacts details:

Telephone: +92(0)51 2856740-3

Email: marketing@techaccesspak.com / sales@techaccesspak.com

Website: www.techaccess-intl.com

Address: #1, Street # 19, F-8/2, Islamabad