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Drive Digital Transformation in Finance

The Huawei Financial Partner Go Global Program (FPGGP) unleashes the potential inherent in collective experience — both Huawei's and that of its partners — to drive digital transformation in finance. Indeed, working together, FPGGP partners are already developing innovative, industry-leading solutions, expanding into global markets, and building a Financial Technology (FinTech) ecosystem. Huawei officially launched FPGGP at the Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2021. Today, the program has over 25 partners, all working together toward a single, shared goal — success.

Board of Directors

Other Members

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  • A company logo of FanRuan
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Core Benefits

  • Share Opportunities

    Gain industry insight, share opportunities, and seize success.

  • Build Capacity

    Develop cutting-edge joint solutions, technologies, and talent, and receive funding support.

  • Boost Marketing

    Joint solutions will be featured in Huawei's global portfolios.

  • Grow Brands

    Conduct global marketing for business initiatives, calling on the strengths of partners, and receive funding support.

  • Secure Investment and Financing

    Open up new channels for strategic investment and project capital liquidity.

  • Enjoy Operational Guidance

    Easy access to expertise on global regulations and tax laws as well as foreign exchange risk management.

Joint Solutions

  • A girl is holding her debit card and making a digital payment online built by Huawei’s finance infrastructure
    A company logo of Wallyt

    Digital Payment

    The digital payment system, built on Huawei's infrastructure, integrates several payment platforms into one, including China's WeChat and Alipay as well as other mainstream third-party payment methods. It also connects to external service providers and vendors, allowing users to enjoy convenient payment channels while banks easily manage mobile payments.

  • A bank employee is responsible for digital loans, using Huawei’s finance infrastructure
    A company logo of Sunline Technology

    Digital Loans

    The digital loan service system uses Huawei's infrastructure to streamline diverse loan processes. These include loan product marketing, remote customer registration, risk assessment, loan approval, and follow-up services. Banks are empowered to make faster, more precise decisions regarding lending, improving customer satisfaction.

  • A man is using mobile payment, illustrating Huawei’s finance infrastructure in digital banking system
    A company logo of MuRong Technology

    Digital Banking

    Built on Huawei's infrastructure, the digital banking system supports mobile payments and micro loans. It uses lightweight and flexible core banking applications, helping banks deliver agile Internet services.

  • A woman is chilling at her seat with her eyes closed
    A company logo of Netis

    Business-Level AIOps

    The solution delivers centralized, efficient, and intelligent Operations and Maintenance (O&M) across traditional architectures, cloud environments, devices, and applications. It uses Huawei's intelligent analysis platform, iMaster NCE-FabricInsight, and Netis Business Performance Center (BPC) to integrate O&M for underlay and overlay services and networks. As a result, banks enjoy stable, uninterrupted services.

  • A Group of people is discussing the MRS-Based Model Management Platform
    A company logo of Tongdun Technology

    MRS-based Model Management Platform

    This one-stop model management platform helps data scientists and developers build and train Machine Learning (ML) models then deploy them in the production environment. It covers the entire training process including data processing and features engineering plus model training, evaluation, deployment, monitoring, and iteration.

  • A company logo of JOYWARE

    AI Video Cloud Platform

    This video management and analysis system is designed for security protection in bank branches. It supports Huawei Cloud Stack and provides massive multi-source data access, multi-protocol compatibility, high concurrency, and intelligent analysis. It also features video cloud transmission, video cloud storage, device-edge-cloud synergy, and cloud-based O&M.

  • A family of four people holding hands, illustrating the Huawei Cloud system
    A company logo of Sinosoft Co.Ltd

    Life Insurance System (LIS), Sales Support System (SSS), Channel Management System (CMS)

    The three solutions are designed for the insurance industry based on Huawei Cloud. Global insurers can centralize sales and personnel management across multiple channels. Back-end operations become more focused on customers, with the system supporting data-based and automated business management.


  • Teaming Up to Forge Ahead

    FPGGP Scales New Heights

    July 19, 2022, Singapore

    Recently, Huawei FPGGP put forward three upgraded initiatives and released multiple new joint solutions.

  • Team Up to Forge Ahead

    FPGGP Summit 2022

    January 06, 2022, Shenzhen

    Huawei and its partners are working together toward expansion from products to cloud services. Focus is shifting from application overlay on Huawei Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to application integration with Huawei Platform as a Service (PaaS). Partnerships are going global, collaborating across multiple levels, covering both technology and market scale, laying the foundation for a full-scenario ecosystem and new industry opportunities.

  • Huawei FPGGP Launch

    Intelligent Finance Summit

    June 03, 2021, Shanghai

    Consumer finance is becoming more comprehensive, which requires a cross-industry, full-scenario, and three-dimensional ecosystem. Companies need to collaborate to grow and go digital. That's why Huawei creates and shares value through partnerships. On June 03, 2021, Huawei announced the launch of the FPGGP, to better serve global financial customers and create new value together.


  • Shenzhen, China

    June, 2022

    Work together to build financial industry "digital intelligence" services

    Huawei and partners get together to discuss opportunities and challenges for building digital intelligence services in the financial industry.

  • Shenzhen, China

    March, 2022

    Payments go global, chase the waves around the world

    Members of FPGGP, and guests from SPDB, Airstar, Tiqmo, etc. shared their experience and practices in the process of global localization based on global payment market.

  • Hangzhou, China

    November, 2021

    Intelligent Analysis and Decision-Making

    Focusing on the global opportunities in digital finance and how technology enables the globalization of Chinese enterprises, attendees discussed topics including complementary strengths, resource sharing, and collaboration.

  • Beijing, China

    October 27, 2021

    Global Opportunities for Insurance

    Huawei introduced ecosystem cooperation opportunities in China's insurance industry and discussed the possibilities of cooperation and growth outside of China.

  • Shanghai, China

    September 22, 2021

    Financial Cloud Native

    Netis and other Huawei partners discussed the trends, opportunities, and challenges in cloud native technologies for finance outside of China.

  • Shenzhen, China

    August 18, 2021

    Digital Finance and Regulatory Policies in Southeast Asia

    Sunline Technology analyzed the situation and trends for the finance industry in Southeast Asia. It also looked at the macro market environment and financial regulatory policies across major countries in the region.

  • Shenzhen, China

    July 15, 2021

    Tax and Foreign Exchange Risk Management Outside China

    Huawei's financial experts introduced the tax environments, tax systems, rules of permanent establishment, and income tax/withholding tax rules across major countries in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. They also discussed tax and foreign exchange risk management outside of China.


A head and upper torso shot of Jason Cao, president of Huawei EBG Global Financial Services Business Unit
A head and upper torso shot of Huawei’s partner - Ma Junqu,co-founder and partner of Tongdun Technology
A head and upper torso shot of Song Danping, vice president of Huawei EBG Global Financial Service Business Unit and Director of Global Cooperation
A head and upper torso shot of Huawei’s partner - Sunxie, senior vice president of Sinsoft
A head and upper torso shot of Huawei’s partner – Yu Song, product director of Sunline Holdings

Join Us to Go Global Together

Are you looking to go global? If your team is ready for the next challenge — to serve global customers — FPGGP is the place to start.