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Intelligent Education for a Digital Future
Currently, a new round of technological and industrial revolution is booming, driving human society rapidly towards an era of digital economy. To stay ahead of the curve, the education industry must digitalize, and make information technology applications common in the classroom. The world is accelerating the in-depth integration of digital technologies and education, driving high-quality education development, and cultivating future-oriented innovative talents.

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100 Intelligent Transformation Stories | 09/2023

100 Intelligent Transformation Stories

ict34 intelligent education list
Issue 34—Intelligent Education Spacial | 06/2023

Intelligent Education for a Digital Future

Issue 33 — Digital City Special | 09/2022

Lighting up Thriving, Sustainable Digital Cities

Issue 32 — Talent Ecosystem | 03/2022

Creating New Value for Industry with a Prosperous Talent Ecosystem

Issue 31 — Digital Government | 09/2021

Building Smart Cities that Provide a Sense of Security,Belonging, and Happiness

Issue 30 —Smart Transportation Special | 04/2021

Bridging the IT and OT Digital Divide with a New Digital Transportation Paradigm

Issue 29 — Intelligent Finance Special | 08/2020

Thriving in a Mobile Future: Working Together Toward Smart Finance

Issue 28 — Intelligent IP Network Special | 08/2020

Leading Intelligent IP Networks

Issue 27-Intelligent Cities Enable the Digital Economy and Drive Growth | 11/2019

Intelligent Cities Enable the Digital Economy and Drive Growth