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    ICT Rollout and Integration Service

    Full-stack, green, and reliable ICT integration service

ICT Rollout and Integration Service

ICT infrastructure construction has been upgraded from traditional connectivity, computing, and storage construction to AI computing and supercomputing centers.

For new infrastructure construction, Huawei has built a one-stop ICT integration service solution. It covers infrastructures for sites and data centers, connection, and computing, as well as their application and data integration. Specific services include the network rollout and integration service as well as the IT rollout and integration service.

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One-stop integration of DCF, network, IT, and data platforms in data center scenarios improves delivery efficiency by 30%.

Eco-friendly and Energy-saving


L1+L2 full-stack liquid cooling facilitates fast service rollout

Continuous Security


Data center and entire network migration, security, and disaster recovery solutions ensure 0 service interruptions.

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