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With a focus on customer-oriented innovation, Huawei has launched a series of products in its SingleRAN product portfolio, including the distributed E-UTRAN NodeB (eNodeB) DBS3900 DSA. E-UTRAN is short for evolved universal terrestrial radio access network. The DBS3900 DSA fully utilizes Huawei platform resources and a variety of technologies to meet the challenges of smart union network development.

The eNodeB is used for radio access in the DSA system. The eNodeB mainly performs Radio Resource Management (RRM) functions such as air interface management, access control, and User Equipment (UE) resource allocation.

The DBS3900 DSA has two types of basic modules: Baseband Unit (BBU) and Remote Radio Unit (RRU). The basic module with small size and light weight features can be flexibly installed to accommodate varied site environment. It also supports flexible software configuration to meet different capacity requirements.

The DBS3900 DSA supports 230M/400M narrow-band discrete frequency. The RRU has the advantages of various working bandwidths, large transmit power, and high power amplification efficiency.


Parameters DBS3900 eRRU5201
Frequency Band 230 MHz: 223 MHz to 235 MHz (400 MHz in development)
Sub-Band Carrier 25 KHz
Transmit Power 2 x 12.5W
Average Typical Power    Consumption 274W
Input Power DC -48V, Voltage Range: -36V to -57V DC
Dimensions (H x W x D) 400 mm × 300 mm × 100 mm (12L, without a housing)
Weight ≤ 14 kg
Operating Temperature 230 MHz:
-40℃ to +55℃ (Without solar radiation)
-40℃ to +50℃ (With solar radiation)
DL: UL=1:1
Relative Humidity 5% RH to 95% RH
Altitude -60m to 4,000m
Operating Environment Compliance standards:
230 MHz regulation of China’s State Radio Regulation Committee (SRRC)
Anti-Seismic Protection NEBS GR63 zone 4
Ingress Protection (IP) IP65
Parameters DBS3900 BBU3910
Maximum Number of Cells Per BBU 6 cells (2T2R 12M)
Data Radio Bearer (DRB) Eight DRBs per user equipment (UE)
Input Power –48V DC (voltage range: -38.4V to -57V DC)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 86 mm x 442 mm x 310 mm
Weight ≤ 15 kg (33.08 lb) (in full configuration)
Working Temperature -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F) (long-term)
+55°C to +60°C (131°F to 140°F) (short-term)
Note: Short-term indicates that a base station does not work for over 15 days within a year or that a base station does not continuously work for over 72 hours.
Relative Humidity 5% RH to 95% RH
Ingress Protection (IP) Rating IP20
Atmospheric Pressure 70 kPa to 106 kPa

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