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HUAWEI CONNECT 2020 Internet Service Industry Session

Discussion on Building a Fully Optical, Intelligent Internet


[Shanghai, China, September 28, 2020] At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, the live online session on "Building a Fully Optical, Intelligent Internet" addressed the current trends in the Internet industry. Together with ICT industry business leaders, partners, and think tanks, we discussed how to deal with the surge of broadband requirements, accelerate the development of a fully optical Internet, build world-class data centers, and drive transformation and growth in new business areas. In addition, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) and Huawei released the Technical White Paper on Infrastructure for the Internet Service Industry. This white paper will serve as a reference for the global Internet service industry on reshaping ICT infrastructure and building a fully optical, intelligent Internet.

The keynote speaker, Deng Jiang, President of the Global Internet Service Industry Department at Huawei, talked about three current trends: all-optical evolution of connection technologies, multi-cloud architecture for data centers, and diversified, intelligent Internet business types. He highlighted Huawei Enterprise Business Group's (EBG's) commitment to providing fully optical and intelligent Internet infrastructure solutions and services, to achieve the smooth evolution of ICT architecture, ultimately supporting our customers' success.

Deng Jiang delivering the keynote

Internet connection: The foundation of the Internet will gradually evolve to a fully optical network, as will the access network. In the future, fibers will connect to every room, desk, and machine. To this end, Huawei's intelligent OptiX network — which features large bandwidth, high reliability, and low latency — supports Internet service providers (ISPs) in building fully optical access, metropolitan area, and backbone networks.

Internet data centers: New technologies, such as AI, cloud computing, big data, and 5G are developing rapidly. Alongside them, Internet data centers are embracing evolution. The session discussed Internet data center infrastructure trends and new business types, particularly the development and application of high density, energy saving, security, and AI technologies. Participants shared their experience and suggestions about data center planning, construction, and operations. Discussion participants included: Quy Nguyen (Vice President, Global Accounts and Solutions, Colt Data Centre Services), Richard Mills (General Manager, Technical Solutions, Keppel Data Centres), Rob Brothers (Program Vice President, Datacenter and Support Services, IDC), Sanjay Kumar Sainani (SVP&CTO, Global Data Center Facility Business, Huawei), and Soma Shekar Veeranna (Regional Director, Data Center Facility Solutions, Huawei).

Digital transformation: Companies are rapidly undergoing digital transformation. In this context, cloudification is now the norm, and an increasing number of ISPs are shifting into the role of managed service providers, who help companies migrate their business to the cloud. Violaine Petit, Vice President, Sales and Marketing of CRT Informatique, shared how CRT converted a castle into a data center to host customer data and applications. Huawei was part of this project, and our one-stop data center solution helped quickly build and deploy the data center.

As the global Internet is seeing a rapid development, the Internet service industry infrastructure, as the digital foundation of the Internet, can implement Internet content production, storage, distribution, and transmission, by providing Internet service application software, cloud platforms, Internet data centers, information exchange services, and user access services.

Releasing the technical white paper: Combining CAICT's wealth of ICT research experience and Huawei's decades of practice in the Internet industry, the partnership released the Technical White Paper on Infrastructure for the Internet Service Industry. Meng Aili, Director of the China Telecommunication Technology Labs at CAICT, and Deng Jiang from Huawei presented the paper at the event. This white paper analyzes the development trends, position in the ecosystem value chain, and technical direction of the Internet service industry and sectors within this industry. It also discusses relevant infrastructure technologies and product solutions.

Releasing the Technical White Paper on Infrastructure for the Internet Service Industry

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