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Shanghai Sansi Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd.

Established in 1993, SANSI specializes in R&D, production and sales of LED displays, LED lighting and control systems. SANSI products are widely used in highways, subways, high-speed rails and many other fields.
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Huawei & Sansi Smart Street Lighting Joint Solution

The wisdom of the city and the wisdom of the park is a new concept of modern development, its construction purpose is to make full use of information and communication technology means the sense of key information measurement, analysis, integration of city operation of the core system, so as to make intelligent response to various needs including the people's livelihood, environmental protection, public security, city services, including industrial and commercial activities the city, to create a better life for human being". Intelligent cities and parks need a carrier for information collection, information distribution and information transmission. As part of the wisdom of the city's Smart pole system, the perfect solution to the city lights are unknown, line load, leakage and other regulatory systems behind the criticism, become the main force of urban intelligent management. Street lamps have "geographical advantages everywhere on the road" and the power supply that comes with city power supply should be regarded as the wisdom nodes in the intelligent city and the wisdom park. Smart pole system can not only serve as an important information transmission channel, but will also carry the city's cultural and consumer information and other big data. To wisdom street lights as the link, the construction of "Internet of things infrastructure", the realization of the wisdom of the city and the construction of the wisdom Park, and enhance the city and the park's infrastructure advantages. HUAWEI&SANSI smart pole system is wisdom with intelligent lighting module basic, also set information, information collection, information transmission and control, emergency power supply module is equal to one, equipped with outdoor small pitch LED display, camera, wireless WiFi and charging pile, can achieve LED lighting, LED display, communication and control, video monitoring, RFID monitoring and environmental sensing / monitoring, electric vehicle charging and emergency call for different applications. These diverse applications make it play an important role in energy saving, environmental friendly, early warning, public safety and convenience of travel and other aspects, has high practical application value, which can enhance and improve social benefits, but also can be used as the information terminal of the wisdom of the city, to support the full range of things of the city the whole building cover, an intelligent lighting system. HUAWEI&SANSI smart pole system power, to lampposts, network infrastructure, wisdom Street Management Center for hub platform, combined with the Internet, networking, WIFI, sensor, cloud computing, big data, geographic information technology, provide the environment and operation service system on the application of the wisdom of the city in various fields, including but not limited to intelligent lighting, public WIFI, intelligent charging, security monitoring, traffic management, intelligent bus station, traffic guidance, parking guidance, roadside parking, solar, micro base station (4G/5G), public rental bicycle system, intelligent dustbin, environmental monitoring, emergency alarm, audio and video information, comprehensive operation and maintenance big data decision support, networking transmission and management services, the user can select the application subsystem of different groups according to the actual demand Combination application. Municipal lighting provides convenience for people to travel, however, municipal lighting, huge energy consumption and high maintenance costs have been plaguing urban managers. With the rapid development of Internet technology and LED technology, a +LED networking, municipal lighting intelligent transformation into the fast lane. In this trend, HUAWEI launched a lighting networking solutions, through the wireless RF Mesh network to achieve full connectivity lighting equipment, to build on-demand control of lighting networking. Smart city and the construction of the wisdom of the park, the lack of an information release platform, a lot of transport information, municipal information, emergency notices, public service publicity and other information can not be transmitted to every citizen in a timely manner. The foundation of our guidance screen, traffic information board research and engineering practice in the nearly 20 years of traffic, launched a small spacing outdoor full color LED display, the characteristics of ultra clear, high brightness, wide viewing angle, specifically for street lamp information release system to create. With the popularity of mobile terminals such as mobile phone, more and more people cannot do without the wireless WiFi, but free WiFi signal did not achieve full coverage, such as parks, city and surrounding some open air, road, field, can not find a free WiFi signal. Therefore, a WiFi system based on street lighting is developed. So far, operators have not succeeded in developing WiFi carriers such as light posts that adequately cover the main areas of the city. Therefore, trying to install on the street lights means that the public will have many Internet access convenience, while a variety of commercial applications are more convenient to promote. Intelligent monitoring system using network HD video compression technology, combined with the network transmission, the latest high-definition digital storage, intelligent analysis technology, security technology of regional security complex, a lot of cases and administrative key administrative and financial units surrounding, main streets and major intersections, station, wharf, community and other public places where the dynamic real-time HD video surveillance. The monitor image real-time transmission to the public security organs at all levels and other relevant departments, through the high-definition image real-time browsing, recording and intelligent behavior prediction and intelligent recognition methods, the public security organs at all levels, the community and other relevant departments to understand and grasp intuitively security dynamic monitoring area, effectively improve the management level of video surveillance system social security. So as to effectively improve the management level of the city, effectively improve the ability of the government to deal with emergencies, while effectively improving the efficiency and improving the accuracy and timeliness of information. The environmental monitoring equipment is installed in the upper part of the street light. Can collect the surrounding environment pollution, such as PM2.5, sulfur dioxide concentration and other data, and analyze a relatively accurate data displayed on the LED display. Environmental monitoring equipment including: temperature and humidity sensor, atmospheric pressure sensor, wind sensor, noise sensor, PM2.5 sensor, smoke sensor, gas sensor, infrared thermal sensor etc.. Environmental monitoring equipment is used in the emergency lighting and multi-functional application mode of intelligent lighting, dimming mode and environmental change. All the countries in the world to support the promotion of new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles in the future automobile market will occupy an important position in the past, charging stations and other facilities are not complete at a certain extent restricts the development of electric vehicles, then this problem is solved gradually. The national grid and southern power grid were invested heavily in the construction of electric vehicle charging station and charging pile of new energy automotive related supporting charging facilities, with two power developed in the large-scale construction of electric vehicle charging station and charging pile plan, electric vehicle charging station construction has entered the fast lane. Intelligent street lamp integrated charging pile function, whether in the city parking area, or the park, will play a very good role in convenience. Emergency call and broadcast system mainly consists of call terminal, IP outdoor broadcast voice post, intercom and broadcast server, desktop intercom terminal and so on. Intercom terminals, IP, outdoor broadcast voice column, desktop intercom terminal and other equipment are centralized management by intercom / broadcast server. Intercom host is mainly to achieve the monitoring center external call, to achieve broadcast emergency information, emergency notification, government, news, etc., so that the outdoor or park masses receive timely and effective information. RFID reader (stationary) card reader base station is a long-distance radio frequency transceiver and identification equipment based on 2.45GHz frequency band. The equipment is designed according to the industrial application standard, with high protection level and meets the standards of outdoor industrial application. At the same time, the device has rich communication interface and function expansion capability, and can meet the communication requirements of conventional systems. Aiming at the intelligent street lighting system, the hardware and software system integration can be realized by deploying the lamp on the lamp post, the LED display, the LED street lamp and the Internet of things collection equipment, and providing Wifi services. HUAWEI - the main features of the smart street lighting system are as follows: (1) support HUAWEI's wired (and wireless) two street light control schemes to realize remote control and remote maintenance; (2) carrying "think twice LED" outdoor display as the platform of information release, realize the public service advertisement and commercial advertisement broadcast; (3) integrated sensing devices, including environmental sensors, RFID reading heads and cameras, and using the natural geographical advantages of street lights to solve the problems of power supply and carrier for smart city perception layer equipment; (4) the patent before lighting, intelligent street lamp controller,