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Telchina Smart Industry Group CO., LTD.

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Telchina Smart Parking Management Platform

Integrating all the information (e.g. people, things, location, objects, and events) of each on-road parking lot, public parking lot, and built-in parking lot in the whole city, Telchina’s intelligent parking solutions build an integrated, all-round and full dimensional dynamic space-sensitive parking support system. It makes full use of technologies of NB-IoT, Internet+, big data, cloud computing, and AI to supply intelligent, convenient, efficient and scientific industrial supervision, enterprise operation and public service for government, enterprise and public. For government, the system can supply one map of parking resources, also data base for parking lot planning, charging policy guidance and supervision to operation billing. For enterprise, it can supply price guidance, operation monitoring and vehicle guidance. For public, it can supply more convenient, accurate and real-time service, such as parking guidance, on-line booking of parking space, mobile payment (wechat, Alipay, and QR code), and service evaluation. The smart parking management and service platform consists of four parts: road parking charging management system, public parking lot management system, smart parking integrated management system, and smart parking comprehensive service system. (1)Road parking charging management system acquires data by video, geomagnetism and PDA, wirelessly transmitted by NB-IoT, so it can realize the unified acquisition, unified management and unified release for parking data, standardized management and use to road parking resource, also can achieve a virtuous cycle and operation to parking assets. (2)By intelligent license plate recognition camera and barrier gate, public parking lot management system can supply the services of automatic vehicle entry & exit, time billing and E-payment. Meanwhile, the space detector, State indicator, internal guide screen and intelligent parking lock can achieve the service of parking guidance, space booking and reverse vehicle search. (3)Smart parking integrated management system is mainly to integrate and analyze collected parking data, forming comprehensive, accurate and diverse industrial information. It’s helpful for manager to grasp the dynamic parking state of the whole city, enhance the scientific, dynamic and fine management for parking, and provide decision support. (4)Smart parking comprehensive service system is mainly to integrate the collected parking information into comprehensive, accurate and diverse public service information and industrial management information. By means of parking guidance screen, website, intelligent mobilephone software and hotline, it can supply the service of parking guidance, traffic information in entry and exit, space booking and surrounding guidance, as well as authoritative and accurate public parking information.