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Financial Big Data Smart Energy IoT

Chinasoft International Technology Services Ltd.

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Chinasoft International and Huawei Financial Big Data Joint Solution

Based on the big data platform and related technology of big data ecosystem, we are aiming to provide the timeliness, intelligent financial applications on massive data analysis. And the big data middleware - ARK(FangZhou) is one stop platform for big data scenario development and data miniing, which provides customers with a more intuitive and convenient way to develop business-related applications and shield technology details of big data; Customer 36 is aiming to mine user preferences based on behavior analysis of user interactions, bringing personalized maketing services to different customers; Label management is aiming to generate, manage, dispatch and compute user label based on customer basic information, providing unified metadata management and label access for upper-layer data mining, analysis and applications; Data analysis supports all types of text logs, explore system running status, business process efficiency, accurate real-time recommendations, customer behavior, customer risk and system operation and maintenance monitoring with two dimension of rule discovery and value discovery; Precision maketing provides a complete set of marketing process and marketing analysis recommendations on financing, loan business; Massive historical data query integrate with the unified stardand of data tiering, provides the common processing layer and label data to business, pushes business staff to be deeply involved in big data projects and self development of business requirements; Unified data service provides real time and asynchronous data services, unify message interface and file interface, implement real-time data exchange within data manipulation tools, internal and external systems and applications; Regulatory submissions is aiming to collect, clean, mine, consodidate and submit the massive regulatory data; Real-time risk control could identify transaction risks in msec level and execute real-time anti-fraud functions such as timly block, manual calibration and verification strengthen, real-time anti-money laundering regulatory submission modules such as identification, assessment, monitoring, early warning, analysis and prevention of financial risks of money-laundering. And it also has the function modules based on rule engine and machine learning algorithms such as real-time credit card approval, real-time credit approval, real-time loan approval, real-time client default forecasting, real-time operational risk control, real time operational risk control.