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ICT Insights Issue 4 (12/2012)

Main Topic

Liu Shaowei

Huawei Lays Foundation for Next-Gen Data Center Networks

Rapid technological advancements have fueled innovative developments of data center architectures in recent years. These advances are mainly shaped by the following four major trends.

Feature Story

4 Features 新增

GITEX 2012: Huawei Industry Focused Applications Stand Out Amongst Contenders

Huawei exhibited several firsts last fall at the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) 2012 – one of the world's top three ICT conferences and the most influential exhibition in the Middle East – including the world's first full-view telepresence system and the CloudEngine 12800 data center switch, which boasts the highest capacity in the industry. Huawei also presented its cloud data center solution, as well as high-end storage and server products, and met with IT and business professionals in the Middle East to discuss how to focus on present problems while anticipating future challenges in enterprise ICT development.
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SDN: The Unstoppable Evolution in Networking?– An interview with Dan Pitt, Executive Director of the Open Networking Foundation

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is becoming the new focus of the ICT industry. More and more ICT professionals have ensured that SDN will bring revolutionary changes to the traditional network architecture. Then what is the SDN architecture, what problems does SDN solve, and how should vendors and customers prepare for SDN?
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What Comes After IP?– Reinventing Network Architecture for Future Generations

What comes after IP? And what kind of communications infrastructure does a post-Internet world need? The answers are surprising, and include a new architecture – Huawei's FICA.
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The Future of Mobile Network Connectivity: Named Data Networks, Content Driven Networking

NDN is part of a future-looking networking architecture. Then what problems in existing networks can be addressed with NDN? And how does it work?
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ICT in the Middle East– An Interview with Abdelrahman Abdellatif, Principal Consultant, Special Industries, Huawei Enterprise Middle East

What are the common challenges across all industries in the Gulf area? What type of vertical solutions do customers here need? How can we understand customers' needs in this area? During the GITEX2012, we have an interview with Abdelrahman Abdellatif. As principal consultant for Huawei Enterprise in the Middle East region, Mr. Abdellatif answered these questions and explained ICT trends in the area.

Industry Focus

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Approaches to Optimizing Network Infrastructures in the Cloud Era

The overall goal is to make cloud computing networks congestion-free with self-recovery and Plug-and-Play (PnP) capabilities – a virtual black box that delivers open network services to embrace the requirements of rapidly evolving cloud computing services.
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The CloudEngine 12800: A Unique Core Switch For Next-Generation Data Centers

Huawei's next-gen data center core switches possess outstanding advantages in scalability, virtualization, openness, sharing, and energy savings, positioning them as the perfect cloud computing service gears.
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Why TRILL-based Networks are Better:Building a Flexible, High-Speed Bus for Data Centers

TRILL is designed to meet the increasing service requirements in the cloud era by offering efficient forwarding, loop prevention, rapid convergence, and ease of deployment.
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Save Money on Data Center Utility This Year– Huawei's Data Center Professional Services Can Show You How

Huawei's professional services cover all data center utilities, and can help enterprises improve energy efficiency, establish a positive sustainability image, and reduce OPEX.

Success Story

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Huawei Builds a Next-Generation Data Center for China Merchants Group

The next-generation data center designed by Huawei for China Merchants Group follows the philosophy of "meeting requirements, staying future-oriented, as well as secure, reliable, and green". Structural design and equipment selection processes ensure the reliability and sustained scalability of information infrastructure.