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Huawei & SAP Collaboration and Innovation

By Zheng Yelai, President, Huawei Cloud BU and IT Product Line

In 2011, Huawei’s Enterprise Business Group (EBG) and IT Product Line marked the official start of the ICT leader’s journey into the global enterprise business market. Huawei brings extensive prior experience from the carrier market, but the enterprise market is a different playground. The enterprise industry values openness and collaboration between vendors for the mutual benefit of all participants. As the landscape shifts, Huawei has rapidly adapted, forging partnerships with a growing number of industry players. These initiatives have positioned Huawei solidly on the industry eco-chain. Standing out among these success stories is its collaboration with SAP.

At SAP SAPPHIRE held in China in 2012, the then SAP senior vice president, Alex Atzberger, joined me to announce that Huawei became SAP’s first global technology partner from China. Later, we launched our first product — the Huawei FusionCube SAP HANA appliance. Soon after, both our boards of directors held talks and advanced the partnership with the Huawei-SAP global strategic alliance, focusing on six domains that covered cloud, ICT infrastructure, and telecom software. This alliance made SAP Huawei’s first company-level strategic partner. In just a few years, our concerted effort blossomed into fruitful results, underscoring the vision and acumen of our executives in establishing this strategic alliance. In addition, our partnership manifests as endorsements of each other’s flagship events. In 2017, Huawei was a primary sponsor for the SAP SAPPHIRE NOW conference, while SAP plans to do the same at HUAWEI CONNECT 2017.

Huawei and SAP prioritize customer-centric joint innovation. Huawei’s extensive infrastructure experience and expertise is a mutual complement to SAP’s specialty in enterprise-grade software products. Our strengths are the cornerstones of further alliance. Our continued investment over the years has led to an array of innovations encompassing ICT infrastructure, cloud computing, and Industry 4.0, and enabling success for hundreds of large- and medium-sized enterprises across the globe.

Today, industries are going through a critical phase in their digital transformation. Cloud, Big Data, IoT, and AI technologies catalyze this digitalization. In turn, digital transformation drives innovations across finance, transportation, manufacturing, energy, and public utilities industries, opening up a wealth of opportunities for business growth. Building on past successes, Huawei and SAP continue to dominate the product and market fronts with more leading products and solutions for global customers. Looking ahead, we are committed to a better connected world, where customers are empowered with the rapidity, convenience, and agility of a digital future.

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