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ICT Insights Issue 12 (02/2015)


He Dabing

ICT Innovations Build Efficient Connectivity

A better-connected world is taking shape where connectivity exists alongside land, labor, and capital as a key economic asset. ICT infrastructures are shifting from support systems that improve efficiency to production systems that drive value creation. Huawei is dedicated to innovations that bring closer connections between people; between people and things; and between things. These connections are transforming the concept of the Internet.


12 Features 1

Make the World Your Office

In the next few years, a leap in video communications technology will change how we interact, work, and live our lives.
12 Features 2

Enterprises Embrace the Future with ICT

When investing in new technology, enterprises must consider the agile architecture that best suits their long-term requirements.
12 Features 3

Big Data: A New Mission for CIOs

CIOs must ensure risks are mitigated and challenges effectively addressed in the face of constantly changing demands and increasing levels of risk.
12 Features 4

New Technologies Empower Innovation

Cloud computing will radically change current enterprise business models, empower enterprises to transform their businesses, and reshape industry supply chains.
12 Features 5

Agile Architectures Build Enduring Enterprises

Enterprises reinventing themselves must carefully consider the agile technologies and architectures that best suit their vision of the future.
12 Features 6

Interoperability: The Key to Cloud Applications

The Intercloud Project is addressing a number of approaches for adding interoperability to Cloud-Computing protocols. This second part of the article describes the technical highlights of the Intercloud architecture.
12 Features 7

Smart Analytics for Big Data

Enterprises are always looking to find actionable insights into their data. With Big Data Analytics, an enterprise can find the answer to specific business questions, boost sales, increase efficiency, and improve operations, customer service, and risk management.


12 Focus 1

Cloud Computing in ICT’s World of Duality

Modern enterprises with core competency in IT are poised to thrive in the new ICT climate of cloud computing and Big Data.
12 Focus 2

When Buildings Meet the Internet of Things

Buildings converging with the Internet of Things (IoT) can create benefits beyond a reduction of energy usage.
12 Focus 3 1

VTM — The Omni-Channel Banking Experience

The financial industry is providing anytime, anywhere, banking services to build customer-centric banking experiences.
12 Focus 4

Quick Deployment of Broadband Trunking

eLTE Rapid is a portable solution for industries requiring voice trunking, data transport, and High-Definition (HD) video services.
12 Focus 5

MAX PRESENCE: Agile Decision Making for Video Conferencing

Cinema-like immersive experiences seamlessly integrate video conferencing, surveillance video, and data transfer to support efficient, visualized decision-making.


12 Ecosystem 1

Smart City Collaboration— An Interview with Hexagon Solutions

The concept of a Smart City is to improve the communication between different departments, to improve the efficiency of different vertical units, and to enable different departments to work together better. The combination of applications and communications is really the core of a Smart City concept.
12 Ecosystem 2

eLTE Visual Command and Dispatch

The use of Huawei eLTE products has expanded the reach of 3G Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. in the Shanghai security market.


12 Success 1

ICT-Enabled Transformation Delivers Value

SF Express lays the foundation for global business growth by choosing the Huawei MicroDC solution.
12 Success 2

China Merchants Bank Harnesses the Power of Internet Finance

In less than two years, China Merchants Bank has dramatically improved its Internet-based financial services by deploying Big Data technology.
12 Success 3

Telefonica Builds an Intelligent Cloud

The goal of Telefonica’s “All IT, All Online” is an OpenStack ICT infrastructure incorporating hardware and software systems for intelligent, automated operations and management.