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Рішення для фінансово-конверсованих сховищ даних

Banking financial data has experienced an explosive growth with mobile Internet developments, generating a large amount of structured and unstructured data every day. For example, the total amount of structured data of a state-owned commercial bank in China has exceeded 2 petabytes (PB), with unstructured data approaching 40 PB.

Facing such dramatic increases of service data, traditional platforms have to accommodate the following challenges:

• Closed technical architectures: Dedicated hardware is applied with bound software and hardware. And no corresponding components can be self-purchased due to closed appliance architectures, resulting in low openness and poor partner cooperation ecosystems.

• High costs: The initial investment of a new data warehouse system is more than 10 million. In addition, devices of different models can only support the coexistence of three generations, making it impossible to reuse old devices.

• No unstructured data processing capabilities: Unstructured data continues to increase rapidly. Traditional structured data warehouses and T+1 offline analysis fail to meet service needs of growing unstructured data centric scenarios, such as real-time risk control and real-time marketing of banks.

Huawei Converged Data Warehouse Solution helps financial institutions quickly establish enterprise data warehouses of structured and unstructured data. Moreover, the solution supports an open architecture to help customers reduce costs and facilitate cloud-based transformation.

  • Cost reduction

    significantly saves system hardware in terms of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Cloud-based transformation promotion

    migrates services from RISC to open platforms for cloudification

  • Performance improvement

    significantly enhances the performance of the financial data warehouses