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Network Vision

Network Vision is an informative online video platform brought to you by Huawei Datacom. It is well-designed with many featured programs, including Intelligent IP Pioneers, Network Pulse, and Network Encyclopedia. Here, you can dive into the trending topics, scenario-specific success stories, latest products, industry-tailored solutions, and technical know-hows. Through our Live Events program, you can also watch event replays and gain first-hand information of our latest online and offline events.

Network Vision, Connecting the Eye-Opening Future!

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Success Stories

The Government of Alicante, Spain, Adopts Huawei's CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged Data Center Network Solution

Jaime Pérez, the Information Technology (IT) Systems & Communications Manager for the Government of Alicante in Spain, explains how Huawei's CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged Data Center Network (DCN) Solution helps the government provide secure, reliable, agile, and efficient public services, in turn supporting its overall digital transformation.

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[Intelligent IP Pioneers]Turbo-charged network rollout Superior shopping experience

Turbo-charged network rollout, superior shopping experience, and beyond. That's what makes Huawei's SD-WAN solution a great fit for retail stores.



[Intelligent IP Pioneers] Huawei's Low-Carbon Intelligent Campus Solution in Schools

This innovative solution from Huawei helps schools accelerate digital transformation by making their campuses smarter, supporting uninterrupted education and remote learning.



[Intelligent IP Pioneers] Distributed Energy Intelligent Management and Control Network Solution

Huawei launched this new solution to provide secure and efficient access for 400 V household distributed Photovoltaic (PV) plants, 10 kV PV plants, local small thermal power plants, and large power users.



[Intelligent IP Pioneers] Innovative Simplified Architecture Based Hotel Fully-Wireless Coverage Solution

Innovative Simplified Architecture Based Hotel Fully-Wireless Coverage Solution.

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