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The All-Optical, Intelligent Internet Is Here

5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and cloud are generating unprecedented digital growth, leading the Internet industry to develop all-optical connectivity, adopt multi-cloud architecture in data centers, and turn to diversified and intelligent Internet services.

With extensive experience in data center networks, data center interconnection, intelligent computing, and public cloud, Huawei is in a unique position to help customers succeed in the Internet industry.

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All-optical connectivity

Optical networks meet the stringent requirements to host 4K/8K videos and Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) services, with large capacity, low loss, and strong anti-electromagnetic interference capabilities. All-optical networks also significantly improve services for homes and enterprises, exponentially increasing the number of connections.

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Multi-cloud architecture for data centers

Enterprise applications are rapidly migrating to the cloud, with the majority of enterprises adopting multi-cloud data center architecture. This ensures business continuity and diversified data protection. Additionally, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) use one-stop data center solutions to provide cloud consulting, implementation, hosting, and multi-cloud management services.

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Diversified and intelligent Internet services

Internet services continue to diversify as mobile video, shopping, gaming, online education, social networking, and VR and AR surge in popularity. To accelerate service innovation and rollout, Over The Top (OTT) companies are building their own data centers or using Internet cloud infrastructure to build digital platforms. Meanwhile, Internet access providers are shifting toward network management and even data center services.


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ISPs serve a range of customers, from enterprises and home users to carriers and cloud service providers. For enterprises, ISPs provide private lines and ICT services. For home users, ISPs deliver home broadband and home networking services, such as FTTR, and build integrated home broadband bearer networks. And for carriers and cloud service providers, ISPs offer interconnection and traffic exchange services.

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Huawei CloudCampus and Storage as a Service Solution Helps Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Provide Cloud-based and High-Quality SLA-based Managed Services

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Huawei's Cloud Data Center solution and Full-Stack Cloud Services help Internet companies develop data centers and access cloud services, accelerating service innovation and rollout.

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In Internet data center services, green, low-carbon data center solutions can be employed to build efficient, green, and secure data centers. Huawei also help managed service providers (MSPs) provide cloud-managed network services and storage hosting services.

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