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What is Intelligent Office Conference?

intelligent office conference

Intelligent office conference is a term that refers to a videoconferencing solution that uses artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and wireless technologies to create a smart and seamless meeting experience. It is designed for enterprise and government environments that need high-quality, reliable, and secure videoconferencing.

Intelligent office conference can help you build collaborative office spaces that are fit for the hybrid work reality. With intelligent office conference, you can enjoy ultra-high definition (UHD), highly efficient, and intelligent videoconferencing that is easy to use and manage.

What are the Benefits of Intelligent Office Conference?

Intelligent office conference can offer many benefits for your business, such as:

Enhanced communication and collaboration: Intelligent office conference can help you connect with your team, clients, and partners across different locations and devices. You can share ideas, documents, and screens in real time, and use interactive whiteboards and annotation tools to brainstorm and collaborate. You can also record and replay your meetings for future reference.

Improved productivity and efficiency: Intelligent office conference can help you save time and money by reducing travel costs and enhancing remote work. You can schedule and join meetings with one click, and transfer your meetings from one device to another without interruption. You can also use smart features such as voice control, facial recognition, and intelligent director to optimize your meeting experience.

Increased security and reliability: Intelligent office conference can help you protect your data and privacy by using encryption, authentication, and firewall technologies. You can also rely on the cloud-based architecture and the Wi-Fi 6 multimedia intelligent scheduling to ensure the stability and quality of your videoconferencing.

New opportunities and insights: Intelligent office conference can help you collect and analyze data from your meetings, such as attendance, duration, feedback, and performance. You can use this data to improve your business processes, identify best practices, and discover new growth areas. You can also use IoT devices and sensors to monitor and control your office environment, such as temperature, lighting, and air quality.

How to Get Started with Intelligent Office Conference?

If you are interested in adopting intelligent office conference for your business, you can check out some of the products and solutions that we offer. Recently, Huawei released the IntelligentOffice Conference Solution, which includes the following components:

WLAN: Huawei’s WLAN products provide lightning-fast speeds, always-on mobility, and continuous self-organizing networking.

Campus Switches: Huawei’s campus switches are ideal for building digital campus networks with simplified management, high reliability, and service intelligence.

HUAWEI IdeaHub S2: Huawei’s IdeaHub S2 is a new style smart office device that integrates a 4K soft light screen, a 16 ms ultra-

• IdeaManager: Huawei’s IdeaManager is an intelligent O&M platform that can help you monitor and manage your devices, networks, and conferences.

You can learn more about Huawei’s Intelligent Office Conference Solution by visiting its page, or by contacting us.


Intelligent office conference is a videoconferencing solution that can help you transform your business by enhancing your communication and collaboration, improving your productivity and efficiency, increasing your security and reliability, and discovering new opportunities and insights. It is a smart and seamless way to create a modern and digital work environment that can adapt to the hybrid work reality.