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Shaping Smarter Finance Together

The world is rapidly approaching a milestone of 100 billion connections, with an explosion of data at the ZB level. We have officially entered the era of ZFLOPS, where the power of AI has surpassed the inflection point and is now driving transformation across various industries and services. To thrive in the intelligent era, we must re-evaluate our approach to connections, data, applications, and infrastructure, and fully embrace digital technologies to build future-oriented core competitiveness.

Huawei is committed to making strategic investments in foundational technologies to deepen its involvement in the financial industry. In line with this commitment, Huawei has announced four strategic directions for the financial industry: building resilient infrastructure, accelerating application modernization, enhancing data-driven decisions, and enabling scenario innovation.

ZTP and Configuration

Building Resilient Infrastructure

The trend towards ubiquitous always-on financial services presents diverse challenges to IT infrastructure. With a focus on user experience, business resilience, and application security, Huawei is dedicated to building MEGA infrastructure with autonomous and resilient financial infrastructure through comprehensive technological innovation, supporting the evolution from mainframes to the cloud-native container cloud architecture.

Intelligent Traffic Scheduling

Accelerating Application Modernization

The 'platform + service' model is crucial for enhancing the business agility of finance, and modernizing financial applications is the only viable approach. We believe that financial application modernization requires six key elements: service-oriented architecture, multi-active resilience, security compliance, high and low code integration, composable delivery, and AI/data-driven technology, which we provide in the Digital CORE Solution 3.0.

Enhancing Data-Driven Decisions

The financial industry has accumulated vast amounts of data. Huawei believes that to unleash the value of this data, the industry needs to take four leaps, which are from operation to data, from data to information, from information to knowledge, and from knowledge to action. These four leaps require upgrades in five dimensions:data architecture, data governance, data consumption, data security, and data talent.

Enabling Scenario

Industrial finance has entered the era of industrial digital finance. Huawei dives deep into industrial finance by mapping technology to different scenarios. We have combined diverse cutting-edge technologies to build a Device-Edge-Cloud-AI Industrial Finance Platform, so as to achieve trustworthiness from three dimensions: trusted supervision, trusted ownership, and value from trust. Thereby finance can enable various industries.

Industry Topics

Find the Right Solution for You

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Decisions and Operations

Extract the maximum value from the data you generate by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to derive the actionable insights that fuel better-informed decision making, power service innovation, and accelerate digital transformation.


MEGA Infrastructure

We have designed our MEGA infrastructure — multi-domain collaboration, evolution, green, and autonomy — to deliver you the highest efficiency, availability, and performance.

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Transaction Core System

Start your transformation journey in the right way with digital banking architecture that's robust enough to support and foster future growth.

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Digital Payment

The cloud-based, pre-integrated Mobile Finance Solution is now actively supporting banks as they bring successful mobile financial services to market.


Digital Engagement

Personalize user engagement through mobile apps and AI, providing your customers with best-in-class innovative services.

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    Huawei Financial Partner Go Global Program

    Come together to forge ahead.

Stories of Success

We leverage leading innovative technologies and draw on our extensive expertise to help you succeed. We work in open collaboration with financial institutions and ecosystem partners, always looking for new ways to create value for our customers.
By the end of 2022, Huawei had served over 2500 financial customers in more than 60 countries and regions, including 50 of the world's top 100 banks. We had also established strategic partnerships with more than 80 large banks, insurers, and securities companies across the globe, becoming their trusted partner in digital transformation.

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Huawei's Pangu Finance OCR Large Model Helps GDRC Easily Recognize Account Information

Pangu finance OCR large model improves field recognition precision from 83.9% to 91% and helps GDRC identify general text across multiple scenarios. The system automatically records the information before someone manually enters and checks it, which used to be done completely manually.

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What Comes Next? Reducing the Costs and Environmental Impact of Banking Services with Storage

Huawei storage provides ABC Tokyo Branch all-round quality and efficient financial services for enterprises of both China and Japan, and promote the economic and financial cooperation and development between the two countries.

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Heavyweight Indonesian Bank Chooses Huawei Storage to Power Indonesia's Financial Sector

Bank Central Asia has made significant investments in technology to establish centers of excellence in payment settlements and financial solutions, by leveraging real data insights, the bank is able to make informed decisions that enhance the customer experience and improve operational efficiencies.

Bank AlJazira: Enhanced SD-WAN Network to Deliver Secured, Efficient and Consistent Banking Services Across Saudi Arabia

Bank AlJazira: Enhanced SD-WAN Network to Deliver Secured, Efficient and Consistent Banking Services Across Saudi Arabia

To provide the customers secured and high-quality banking services, Bank AlJazira continues its pursuit in transforming into an intelligent bank in this digital era. With Huawei SD-WAN Solution, BAJ accelerated service rollout, reduced O&M costs, ensured smooth service operations, and most importantly, secure customers’ sensitive data.

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Riyad Bank Builds a Reliable Digital Foundation with Huawei Oceanstor Dorado

Data is a bank's core asset. Learn how Riyad Bank build a storage system that is open, secure, reliable, agile, and easy to maintain.

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TMBThanachart Bank Optimizes Data Infrastructure with an All-Flash Data Center Solution

With its business set for growth, this bank was looking for a high performance, cost effective storage solution to handle massive data.

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IDC's Buyer Case Study

İşbank Chooses Huawei All-Flash Storage Solutions for High Performance and Business Continuity Requirements

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Turkish Bank Yapı Kredi Makes Its Customers' Lives Easier with an Innovative Storage Solution

The end-to-end solution of Huawei OceanStor Storage ensures Yapı Kredi's significant gains in performance, The upgrade is enabling Yapı Kredi to continue adding new options to new generation digital payment solutions, and deliver a faster and easier payment experience to customers.

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Kuveyt Türk Bank

Turkey's Kuveyt Türk Bank Manages Data with Ease with Huawei OceanStor Dorado All-Flash Storage

Istanbul-based Kuveyt Türk Bank was facing competitive challenges and needed efficient, high-performance storage to keep pace with data growth and deliver new financial services.

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Thailand's Government Savings Bank

Pursues Its Smart Branch Mission with a Huawei SD-WAN Solution

The powerful Huawei network solution has built an intelligent platform for GSB, helping the bank to realize its smart branch mission.

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DBS Bank

Huawei Awarded the Most Valued Technology Partner of the Year 2020

Huawei is proud to be awarded the Most Valued Technology Partner of the Year 2020 by DBS Bank. Our team has been working closely to meet the bank's evolving requirements and drive digital transformation, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Riyad Bank Builds a Reliable Digital Foundation with Huawei Oceanstor Dorado

Data is a bank's core asset. Learn how Riyad Bank build a storage system that is open, secure, reliable, agile, and easy to maintain.

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Absa Bank

Absa Bank Kenya Partners with Huawei to Build a New Digital Foundation for Branch Networks

The Traditional Branches Connection Solution Hinders the Digital Upgrade of Banks. Who is the “Mr. Right” for this Situation?

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Connecting People with Finance: The Importance of Digital Transformation During the COVID Crisis

Huawei's OceanStor All-Flash Arrays (AFAs) significantly reduced power consumption for devices and cooling systems — by 45% — also slashing maintenance costs by 65%.

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