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Enterprise Networking

Ultra-Resilient Multi-DC Network Solution

Ultra-Resilient Multi-DC Network Solution

With the rapid growth of digital transformation, many enterprise data centers are now focusing on disaster recovery (DR). The need for enterprise survival, regulatory compliance, and protection against natural disasters are all driving factors behind the upgrade of enterprise data centers for DR purposes.

In light of this situation, Huawei has developed the Ultra-Resilient Multi-DC Network Solution, which leverages high-performance CloudEngine series switches and the iMaster NCE intelligent management and control platform to achieve easy interconnection, intelligent O&M, high reliability, and evolvability.

This solution is best suited to industries such as government, finance, education, and manufacturing, empowering customers with best-in-class fault-tolerant and always-on services.


Easy Interconnection

Seamless heterogeneous interconnection, best suited to the multi-vendor strategy; open standards, mature interconnection with 20+ third-party systems.

Intelligent O&M

One map for the entire network, unified display of heterogeneous networks; application-network collaboration, minute-level fault demarcation.

High Reliability

All-scenario iReliable solution, three-level fast switchover; simulation & verification, ensuring 100% accuracy of configuration changes.


Ultra-broadband 400GE, meeting high bandwidth requirements; GE-400GE flexible access for smooth evolution.

Enterprise Networking

iMaster NCE Network Digital Map@Campus

iMaster NCE Network Digital Map@Campus

As digital transformation sweeps across all industries, enterprises are presented with new opportunities for revenue growth. However, with these opportunities come challenges, such as difficulties in ensuring user experience, a lack of operational tools, and complex management in operations. These issues can hinder the digital transformation of enterprise campuses.

Huawei is leading the industry by introducing the concept of the campus network digital map. This map serves as the digital foundation of the campus network, creating a four-dimensional digital space that helps deliver ultimate user experience. The campus network digital map enables comprehensive digitalization of campus networks and empowers enterprises to capitalize on the opportunities it presents.


One-map Visibility

Unified display of users, terminals, applications, and networks; One-click network-wide fault locating.

One-second Locating

A full picture of users' network experience journey Network exception locating within seconds.

One-click Optimization

One-size-fits-all assurance for VIP users and audio and video services; Real-time experience awareness and optimization within seconds

Green & Energy-Efficient

Power consumption visibility: implements multi-dimensional monitoring of networks, sites, floors, and network devices. Dynamic energy-saving: intelligently recommends energy-saving policies and identifies the optimal energy-saving time window. Feature Walk algorithm: achieves optimal coverage with minimal power usage, continuous connectivity for dumb terminals, and seamless network experience.

Intelligent Healthcare

Medical Technology Digitalization Solution

Medical Technology Digitalization Solution

Huawei’s Medical Technology Digitalization Solution is designed to optimize healthcare processes across the board, improving efficiency through state-of-the-art digital technologies. It comprehensively covers a range of medical domains, including digital pathology, medical imaging, laboratory automation, and telemedicine, helping to build the future of healthcare.

In digital pathology and medical imaging, for example, scale-out storage, intelligent interaction advancements, and videoconferencing platforms — calling on Artificial Intelligence (AI), image recognition, and more — combine to improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosis, with improved image quality and heightened data security.

Indeed, the digitalization of medical technology in general promotes innovation in diagnosis and treatment, improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare services, with renewed focus on the most important thing of all: the people they’re designed to help. This solution is a powerful demonstration of the potential of digital technology in modern healthcare.


Image Reading in Seconds

More than 1000 images and over 1000 pathology slides can be read in a single second, with uninterrupted data sharing and zero read latency.

Long-Term Stability with Reduced Costs

Cut required cabinet space by more than 70% and enjoy zero data loss over a span of 30 years.

Remote Diagnosis and Treatment with Consistent Quality

Streamlined data sharing opens new possibilities for remote diagnosis, promoting the efficiencies derived from hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and achieving equal medical services for all.

Data Storage

OceanStor A800 High-Performance AI Knowledge Repository Storage

OceanStor A800 High-Performance AI Knowledge Repository Storage

Large AI model parameters have grown exponentially in scale, from the hundreds of billions to trillions. Training sets have also evolved from unimodal to multi-modal (images, videos, etc.) paradigms, resulting in a data explosion that has increased volumes by thousands, and brought unprecedented challenges.
First, poor loading performance among massive numbers of small files has undermined training efficiency.
Second, large model parameters are frequently being optimized, which has led to unstable training platforms, with service interruptions occurring every two days on average, and frequent, time-consuming read and write of TB-level checkpoints.
Third, training 100-billion-parameter models requires massive GPU resources, since individual GPUs are not efficient enough, and ensuring millisecond-level real-time inference for conversational applications is quite challenging.

OceanStor A800 delivers a staggering 24 million IOPS and 500 GB/s bandwidth within a single controller enclosure, serving as the high-performance AI knowledge repository storage solution. With four times the performance of the next runner-up, a single storage system is all you need for small file loading of training sets and high-bandwidth-based resumable training. You'll also benefit from access to a leading intrinsic vector knowledge repository, which supports large model inference applications with over 250,000+ QPS, achieving accelerated vector retrieval and millisecond-level inference response.


Ultra-high performance

Our groundbreaking data-control separation architecture facilitates the direct flow of data to disks, reducing CPU usage and delivering 24 million IOPS per controller enclosure. Training set loading efficiency is 4x as high as the industry's next best.

Rapid recovery

Cutting-edge technologies like disk-controller collaboration and NFS+ parallel client allow for multi-link parallel access. 500 GB/s bandwidth per controller enclosure enables 3x faster resumable training from checkpoints than the industry's next best.

Robust inference

Our leading intrinsic vector knowledge repository eliminates AI hallucinations and boosts vector retrieval speeds to 250,000+ QPS, with millisecond-level inference response.

Enterprise Networking

NetEngine 8000 F2C Router

NetEngine 8000 F2C Router

The NetEngine 8000 F2C is a high-density fixed-configuration router designed for the cloud era. This all-service router mainly functions as a P or PE node with a forwarding capacity of 7.2 Tbps. It provides high-density 100GE/400GE interfaces with flexible switching between 100GE and 400GE. Compact at only 2U high and 442 mm deep, this router helps saves equipment room space, slash CAPEX, and protect existing investments, making it the best choice for high-density transport in the cloud era.


Leading Full-Service Specifications

The NetEngine 8000 F2C can function as a BNG or CGN and has a six-times larger FIB specification than the industry average. With an all-in-one design, this router can provide P, PE, SR, and BNG functions.

Industry's Highest Density 100GE Interfaces

72*100GE supported.

Flexible Switching Between 100GE and 400GE

Uitable for evolution from 100GE to 400GE.

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