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    Huawei CloudLink Kit

    Open and easy integration for ubiquitous collaboration.

Huawei CloudLink Kit

Huawei CloudLink Kit provides open, easy-to-use, and quickly-integrated Software Development Kits (SDKs) that flexibly integrate with third-party apps and web platforms to enable audio and video optimization and help ensure that security and trustworthiness requirements are met.

  • Sophisticated Technical Base
    An icon featuring a computer screen with many lines on it, representing Huawei CloudLink Kit's sophisticated technical base.
    Core codec technology, an independent, patented audio and video processing algorithm, powerful network adaptability, and support for up to 3000 concurrent participants.
  • Simplified Integration
    An icon featuring a screen and three nodes, connected by dots, illustrating Huawei CloudLink Kit's simplified integration.
    Simple SDK interfaces and numerous demos allow users to get started in one hour, complete a demo in one day, and complete integration in one week.
  • Security and Reliability
    An icon featuring a house and a padlocked device screen, illustrating the security that the Huawei CloudLink Kit offers.
    End to End (E2E) encryption provides architecture-level security, while ciphertext transmission ensures zero data leakage.


  • Audio and Video Calls

    Two- or multi-party audio and video meeting, delivering a premium audio and video experience.

  • Audio and Video Call Switching

    Call switching between audio and video in a two- or multi-party meeting.

  • Corporate Directory

    Querying user information in the corporate directory to quickly initiate a Point-to-Point (P2P) audio or video meeting.

  • VMR Meeting

    The system allocates Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) resources to a newly created user, avoiding the need to recreate meetings and allowing new users to join by merely dialing a number anytime, from anywhere.

  • Advanced Functionality

    Supports Advanced Video Coding (AVC), Scalable Video Coding (SVC), and continuous presence.

  • Presentation Sharing

    Supports desktop and desktop application sharing.

  • Meeting Scheduling

    Users can easily schedule audio and video meetings and configure meeting information, such as the duration, guest password, and participants.

  • Joining Methods

    Users can join a meeting through a meeting list, invitation, meeting ID, link, or by dialing a number on a keypad.

  • Meeting Control

    Various meeting control functions are provided for the chair person and attendees, simplifying meeting operations and ensuring efficiency.

  • Excellent Network Adaptability

    Intelligent bandwidth detection and powerful audio and video packet loss concealment algorithm, ensuring clear and smooth audio and video.

  • Enhanced Audio Performance

    Unique noise suppression technology suppresses common office noise and focuses on participants' speech, while anti-howling technology automatically detects and mutes howling and feedback.

  • High Level of Security

    The solution encrypts signaling streams using Transport Layer Security (TLS) and media streams using Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP), while providing password protection mechanisms for meeting access and control.

Open Architecture

A diagram that offers an overview of Huawei CloudLink Kit's open architecture, showing the industries it can be used in.

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    Development Example

    HW CloudLink Desktop and Mobile
    HW CloudLink Desktop and Mobile is a High Definition (HD) videoconferencing soft client with a brand-new visual system on simplified design architecture. It provides a series of functions to make videoconferencing more convenient — covering scheduling, automatic convening, and quick access to meetings. The client features H.265 SVC technology and high network adaptability, allowing users to freely switch between different sites for a smooth, crisp conferencing experience.