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    Four Initiatives: The Evolution of Huawei’s Ecosystem Partnerships

Huawei is committed to engaging the market to build the kernel for a digital world — for which the key to delivering digital transformation solutions is ‘ubiquitous connectivity + digital platform + pervasive intelligence.’

The path for Huawei to become a primary supplier of the digital world is through the help and support of its partners. The key to any win-win ecosystem is to encourage and reward everyone to contribute their strongest ideas. Huawei will continue to evolve its ecosystem policies to attract more partners by offering better support to help them reach new heights.

In 2019, Huawei is focused on increasing the profitability of its ecosystem partners, simplifying international partner policies and processes, improving partner capabilities, and developing the ecosystem.

•  Profitability: To improve partner profitability, Huawei has lowered the sales amount requirements for Base Rebate to reward partners with rebates for every penny they earn for us. Huawei’s investment in partner incentives is estimated to double in 2019.

•  Simplicity: Huawei continues to simplify policies and processes, including the capability requirements for channel partner certification, capability rebate assessment, and marketing support, such as the Market Development Fund (MDF) and Joint Market Fund (JMF). This simplification makes partner policies easier to communicate, understand, remember, and implement — which ultimately facilitates greater cooperation.

•  Enablement: Huawei will improve the capability requirements for core partners in the pre- and post-sale phases by increasing partner capability rebates and providing free training vouchers to encourage partners to invest in capability improvements. As a result, partners will be able to reap the benefits and more easily cope with the digital transformation challenges.

•  Ecosystem: Huawei will provide solution partners with development and marketing fund support. Huawei will set up a Global Partner Incentive Fund (GPIF), strengthen service-delivery management, and expand the scope for MDFs to attract more partners to the ecosystem.

Huawei will also build a Partner Policy Center based on the e+ Partner platform to provide partners with transparent policy information and certification requirements, as well as incentives and programs, in a timely manner. Huawei’s goal is to develop simple, fair, and transparent policies for ecosystem partners.