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    Bring Digital Transformation to Every Organization

The past 120 years have been marked by three important breakthroughs in human civilization: the industrial, electrical, and Information Technology revolutions. These three revolutions unleashed gigantic productivity gains that exceeded the cumulative output for thousands of years past. Now, we stand at a new turning point. Based on Information Communication Technology and driven by Artificial Intelligence, the fourth revolution of science and technology is leading human society into a new era where all things will be sensed, connected, and intelligent. Against this backdrop, Huawei sets a new vision: We will bring digital to every person, home, and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world.

Huawei Enterprise Business Group is committed to bringing digital transformation to every organization, including governments and public utilities, across the world, as well as to enterprises in the finance, energy, transportation, manufacturing, and all other industries. Huawei helps customers implement digital platforms to accelerate the convergence of information and operational technologies, integrate new service technologies into their business, and become the customer’s best partner in digital transformation.

Digital transformation is just the first step. Our ultimate goal is to build an intelligent world. Every industry and enterprise is facing both challenges and opportunities on their path to intelligence. They must seize opportunities and complete digital transformation if they are to take advantages of the trend.

How do we help enterprises grasp digital opportunities? Huawei is thinking and exploring. According to our experience, digital transformation will include two phases. In the past decade, the born-in-the-cloud Internet companies took the initiative and led the first wave of digital transformation. Now, we are entering the Cloud 2.0 era, when enterprises grow with the cloud. In this phase, industry-leading enterprises explore innovative approaches to digital transformation. Their actions inspire all industry players to practice and expand digital transformation.

In the Cloud 2.0 era, traditional industries need a reliable partner for digital transformation. Huawei actively responded to them by releasing and implementing the ‘Platform + Ecosystem’ strategy. Many leading enterprises are converging digital technologies with the experience and expertise they have accrued to build industry service platforms. On these platforms, they share resources with their partners and customers. Huawei aims to build a digital foundation for these enterprise platforms. Based on our core abilities in cloud infrastructures and smart terminals, Huawei works with partners to develop five ability modules: video cloud, Big Data, the Internet of Things, Geographic Information Systems, and Integrated Communication Platforms. These modules uplink to applications and downlink to data to bring digital transformation within our customers’ reach.

As digital transformation expands, opportunities and challenges are emerging at an unprecedented rate of speed. I believe that digital transformation is a journey that will never end. Huawei will work with customers and partners along the industry chain to expand digital transformation and bring digital to every organization. Together, we are achieving win-win outcomes worldwide.