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What is an Intent-Driven CloudCampus Network?

Enterprises require complete digitalization. Networks must be wireless and dynamic, able to constantly monitor and manage user and application experiences. The ideal network optimizes itself. 

Huawei's Intent-Driven CloudCampus introduces big data analytics, AI, and cloud technologies to build streamlined campus networks that feature ultra-broadband connection, automated deployment, intelligent O&M, and automatic threat defense. Huawei provides unparalleled network compatibility and openness to help implement industry-wide digital transformation.

Why Huawei?

  • Intelligent


    Huawei supports interconnection with third-party management and authentication systems, and provides compatibility with non-standard protocols. Huawei has established Joint Validation Labs (JVLs) in over 20 locations to resolve validation issues before solution deployment.

  • Simple


    With over 30 years' of networking experience, Huawei provides customers with an extensive range of products, including WLAN, switches, routers, security systems, campus network controllers, and AI-based network analyzers. An industry leader, Huawei provides advanced network technologies such as Wi-Fi 6. 

  • Low Latency, No Loss

    Global Presence

    Huawei’s campus network products and solutions have been deployed in over 100 countries and regions worldwide, serving customers in diverse fields. Huawei has the largest market share in China’s ICT industry and the second-largest worldwide.

Application Scenarios

  • 0102

    As a supermarket operations manager, I can audit pricing of up to 1 million items per day and formulate the optimum sales strategy.

    Thanks to the Huawei CloudCampus Solution for retail, a growing number of shopping malls and supermarkets carry commercial applications on networks to achieve digital transformation. This greatly improves the efficiency of updating product prices. It expands the capability of gaining insights into commodity popularity, and enhances the users’ overall interactive experience.

  • 0202

    As a teacher, I can teach up to 3.6 million students in 20,000 schools and answer their questions in real time.

    Huawei CloudCampus Primary Education Solution allows diverse teaching resources to be shared online. Students in remote areas now have access to advanced education resources, enabling the digitalization of education and promoting educational equality.

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