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Networks Make Computing More Valuable

With the pervasive use of AI across industries, enterprise data centers that carry a large number of vital services are evolving into the brains of enterprises. We're stepping into an intelligence era with data as the key production factor. Data center networks are facing a series of challenges, such as 10-fold surges in data volume, packet-loss-induced computing power loss, and delayed TTM and fault rectification.

Huawei CloudFabric 2.0 solution provides customers with next-generation data center network that delivers super capacity, intelligent experience, and autonomous driving, helping enterprises mine intelligence from data, accelerate digital transformation, and promote the development of the digital economy. Determined to lead data center networks into the intelligence era, Huawei data center network products and solutions have already served more than 9200 customers worldwide, and will continue to strive to create more value for customers.

Features and Benefits

  • Super Capacity

    Maximum density of a single chassis: 768 x 400GE

    Full compatibility with 10GE/25GE/40GE/100GE/200GE servers, and auto-negotiation

    Smooth service evolution, without changing the chassis

  • Intelligent Experience

    iLossless™ algorithm for network self-optimization

    Data computing efficiency improved by 27%

    Data storage efficiency improved by 30%

  • Autonomous Driving

    Automatic identification of service intents and second-level deployment

    Automatic verification of network configurations, zero errors

    Minute-level network fault rectification, and autonomy and self-healing

Datacom Online

HAS 2020: CloudFabric 2.0, Leading Data Center Networks into the Intelligence Era

2020/05/20, ShenZhen

Huawei launched its CloudFabric 2.0 Data Center Network Solution, an upgraded solution that delivers high-density 400GE super capacity, zero-packet-loss intelligent experience, and autonomous driving, leading data center networks into the intelligence era.


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