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    Build a Highly Autonomous Driven DCN

Is Your Data Center Ready for High-Level Network Autonomy?

New business models have stimulated rapid innovation, accelerating the development of new services. Given the growing pace of enterprise digital transformation, this means that the proportion of digital to non-digital services has increased to a record high. As a result, service data volumes have escalated, all while ever-greater requirements are placed on service continuity and real-time performance. In this context, highly autonomous networks are now essential, supporting rapid network deployment and service provisioning, guaranteeing service continuity, and ensuring services remain uninterrupted.

Huawei commissioned Forrester to carry out the thought leadership report on Autonomous Driving Networks (ADNs): Building Leading Digital Business Competitiveness with a Highly Autonomous Driven Data Center Network (DCN). According to the report, enterprise data centers are transforming, toward cloud data centers — specifically, "multi-cloud and hybrid deployment" — while DCN maturity is moving from Level 3 to Level 4. And the conclusion? Automation levels urgently need to be improved.

How Can You Evaluate the Full-Lifecycle Automation Maturity Level of Your Data Center?

According to Forrester's research, when an enterprise builds an automated DCN, it should take into account the full lifecycle, from planning and construction to Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and optimization, scenario by scenario. As such, DCNs fall into five levels, judged by their maturity.

Level 1

Manual and Assisted Operation & Maintenance

Level 2

Partial Autonomous Network

Level 3

Conditional Autonomous Network

Level 4

High Autonomous Network

Level 5

Full Autonomous Network

61.9% of Surveyed Enterprises Are Using Data Centers Based on Private and Hybrid Clouds

— Forrester's Enterprise Data Center Automation Survey

multi-vendor products or solutions

Current status of data center network

36.0%: private clouds
25.9%: hybrid clouds
4.6%: public clouds

lack of knowledge

Challenges for network automation

47.2%: lack of technical tools
46.2%: outdated network infrastructure
43.1%: tool incompatibility

manual planning

Challenges for DCN O&M

55.4%: manual evaluation on network status
53.3%: manual troubleshooting
47.8%: multi-vendor integration

optimization and transformation of cloud DCN

Network automation measures (12–24 months)

70.6%: strategic planning and deployment of DCN full-lifecycle management
68.0%: expand DCN automation application scenarios

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