Is Your Data Center Ready for Autonomous Driving Networks?

The rise of cloud computing is transforming enterprise Data Centers (DCs) into true value centers. More than mere resource support systems, DCs are now becoming a new driver for productivity. Frequent changes to services, allied to larger scale servers, are making Data Center Network (DCN) deployment and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) increasingly difficult. Enterprises are facing new challenges: how can they improve service deployment efficiency and accelerate troubleshooting; how can they ensure the stability of DCNs, 24/7?

This IDC index, sponsored by Huawei — Leveraging the Autonomous Driving Datacenter Network Index — provides much needed answers. It describes and defines different levels of, and criteria for, autonomous driving networks, and presents survey results about the current status of autonomous driving networks for more than 20 enterprises worldwide, providing suggestions on how to evolve such networks.

How Can You Evaluate the Automation Level of Your DC?

To understand the degree of enterprise network automation, IDC and Huawei have designed a comprehensive set of DCN indexes for autonomous driving, classifying DCN automation in each phase of the network lifecycle.

Level 0

Manual Operation & Maintenance

Manual command line execution

Level 1

Assisted Operation & Maintenance

Tool-assisted execution

Level 2

Partial Autonomous Network

System-assisted fault locating

Level 3

Conditional Autonomous Network

Automatic intent understanding
Automatic fault locating
Decision-making assisted by the system

Level 4

High Autonomous Network

Partially independent decision-making by the system

Level 5

Fully Autonomous Network

Independent decision-making in all scenarios

More Than 90% of Surveyed Enterprises Aim to Build Fully Autonomous Driving DCNs

-- Enterprise Autonomous Driving DCN Survey

How to keep pace with computing and storage automation

Challenges for DCNs

40%: Flexibility
33%: Multi-vendor management
33%: Network intelligence

Automation tool

DCN Automation Situation

18%: Network analysis
9%: SDN controller
6%: IDN

DCN Automation Plan

DCN Automation Plan

19.5%: Evaluating an autonomous driving network or planning to deploy it within 12 months
4.9%: Deploying an autonomous driving network or performing a PoC
31.7%: No plan

Lack of resources

Major Obstacles to Network Automation

22.4%: Applications on the cloud
17.1%: O&M habits
10.7%: Lack of skills

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