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Device-Cloud Synergy for All-Scenario Smart Office Ecosystem

As an innovative leader in the video conferencing and collaboration industry, Huawei Intelligent Collaboration adheres to the core strategic concept of device-cloud synergies to provide customers with premium products and solutions, such as Huawei CloudLink Cloud Video Conferencing and HUAWEI IdeaHub. The aim is to popularize exclusive 4K and AI to meet the requirements for all-scenario service coverage and seamless multi-device collaboration, facilitating enterprises and partners to go digital and intelligent. This is also the mission of Huawei Intelligent Collaboration, that is, to enable everyone to work in an intelligent manner and unleash organizational efficiency.

Choose the Right Collaboration Solution for You

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    Huawei CloudLink Video Conferencing

    Huawei CloudLink Video Conferencing Solution consists of the video conferencing platform and professional-grade telepresence endpoints, providing a converged architecture for connection in all scenarios. The solution features ultra-HD, ultimate intelligence, capacity, security, and reliability, as well as simplified O&M, delivering high-end video conferencing experience.
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    HUAWEI IdeaHub

    HUAWEI IdeaHub is an intelligent large screen designed for offices and team collaboration scenarios. It is mainly deployed in conference rooms, executive boardrooms, and open offices — to support enterprise collaboration and productivity.
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    HUAWEI IdeaHub Board

    HUAWEI IdeaHub Board, a 4K soft light screen and smart board designed for collaboration and creation: a space where fresh thinking and new ideas can be brought to life.

Intelligent Collaboration in Various Industries

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  • Education6 solutions industries black educationVzdělávání
  • Healthcare10 solutions industries black healthcareHealthcare
  • Government12 solutions industries black governmentGovernment
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    As a civil servant…

    Huawei VC Visual Dispatching Solution enables the management departments to gain a global view, ensuring clear instructions, orderly system, smooth operations, and effective execution.

    Based on the video conferencing platform, Huawei VC Visual Dispatching Solution provides a delayering management environment that comprises hybrid video conferencing, visualized dispatch, and instant instructing capabilities. Together, this helps people across emergency response, public security, and transportation fields deliver better, more visualized management in the face of emergencies or other challenges.

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    As a high school teacher in a small city...

    Smart education helps us share resources and enhances interactive teaching.

    Multimedia resources prioritize student learning, providing access anytime, anywhere. Video and intelligent technologies, including panoramic view for multiple HD classrooms in the same lecture and recording of lectures by renowned professors, enable interactive teaching and resource sharing. 

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    As a doctor in a well-known hospital…

    Smart healthcare allows us to research critical illnesses through remote medical teaching while local hospitals deal with less-severe cases.

    Hospitals use 4K HD video conferencing and intelligent collaboration capabilities for remote consultation, medical teaching, remote monitoring, and collaborative office. Smart healthcare is also integrated with the healthcare management system, enabling a digital hospital and regional healthcare platform.

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    As a customs officer…

    Collaboration for handling government affairs is integral to governments’ service systems.

    The government solution applies to visualized party construction, government affairs training and Office Automation (OA), mobile office, and precise poverty reduction. It offers quick service rollout, usability, and video sharing, allowing convenient and efficient government collaboration.

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