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    Data Center Autonomous
    Driving Network

    Beyond SDN, ADN Enables Full-Lifecycle Intelligence


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Data Center Autonomous Driving Network

The digital economy has become a key driving force for global economic growth. But as digital industries emerge and enterprise digital transformation deepens, higher requirements are placed on DCNs. For example, DCNs need to support rapid service innovation and elastic network expansion with faster speeds and higher intelligence.

In 2021, Huawei's L3 data center autonomous driving network achieved high automation on single-vendor networks.

In 2022, Huawei launched the L3.5 data center autonomous driving network solution, which provides full-lifecycle intelligence capabilities, such as undifferentiated management of multi-cloud and multi-vendor networks, flexible orchestration and collaboration, simulation and verification, risk prediction, and unified O&M of applications and networks. The solution can also work with customers' IT management systems to form an automation process, implementing easy deployment, O&M, and evolution.

In 2023, Huawei's L3.5 autonomous driving DCN solution undergoes an epoch-making upgrade towards L3.5+. This upgraded solution is equipped with brand-new, future-oriented capabilities, such as digital map, providing ultimate O&M experience for applications and multi-cloud networks.


simplified architecture


• Coexistence with ACI/NSX, implementing flexible service migration
• Open interconnection with Ansible/Terraform, enabling centralized O&M of legacy networks

Wide Range of Applications


• Flexible orchestration of services across clouds, 90% ↑ service rollout efficiency
• Digital and visualized multi-cloud networks, enabling all-round visibility between applications and networks

0049 intelligent traffic scheduling


• Demarcating faults in minutes across clouds and vendors
• Comprehensive application & network monitoring, real-time warning of key service exceptions

Eco-friendly and Energy-saving


• Intelligent and lossless, 47% lower per-unit computing consumption
• Green production, low-carbon manufacturing of switches


Huawei's CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged DCN Solution provides full-lifecycle automation and intelligent O&M capabilities for DCNs. The first solution to offer L3.5 autonomous driving network capabilities, it supports cross-cloud service provisioning in seconds and heterogeneous network management, facilitating agile innovation of enterprise services.
The solution consists of the intelligent network management and control system iMaster NCE and CloudEngine data center switches.

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    Tolly Group: Huawei CloudFabric 3.0 Comes Top in L3.5 Data Center Autonomous Driving Networks

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