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Building an All-Optical Base for Your Digital Production Network

Production networks are critical. As digital transformation progresses, a production network's modules and devices need to securely communicate with each other to transfer data, facilitate data collection and processing, as well as improve productivity.

To achieve this, production networks must provide high availability, bandwidth, and performance to support production activities.

The all-optical transport solution leverages Huawei's OptiXtrans product portfolio and cutting-edge Liquid OTN hard pipe technology to build a reliable, simplified, and intelligent optical communication solution to facilitate digital transformation of your production network.


  • Innovative Pipeline Technology
    Hard Pipe

    Physical isolation of Liquid OTN with zero interference
    Next-generation hard pipe technology
    10 μs low latency and quick response
    Flexible bandwidth from 2 Mbps to 100 Gbps
    Support Layer 1 pipe encryption protection
  • High Integration
    High Integration

    4-in-1 platform, reducing TCO by 30%
    PCM/SDH/PKT/OTN 4-in-1
    Ultra-long haul, 450 km
    Super C band, with single-fiber 120 wavelengths@50 GHz
  • Smart Brain

    Intelligent monitoring and fiber fault prediction
    Visualized latency management
    Proactive health prediction
    ASON 2.0 for higher availability

Application Scenarios

  • 0102


    Service scenarios: communication networks for power transmission and transformation and value-added services

    Huawei's Single OptiX solution features high integration, ultra-low site latency, and inherits hard pipes. This provides a stable, efficient, and manageable infrastructure network to facilitate production network digitalization.

  • 0202


    Service scenarios: railway operation

    Huawei's Single OptiX solution, with MS-OTN, constructs ASON at the backbone, aggregation and access layers. It not only provides high availability for mission-critical services through hard pipes, but also provides multiple network protection mechanisms, such as 50 ms carrier-class switching protection. This prevents single- or multi- point faults caused by natural disasters or human error from occurring, ensuring the safe operation of rail transportation.

Core Products

OptiXtrans E9600

Plataforma MS-OTN integrada, inteligente, de nova geração, óptica-elétrica e de grande capacidade redes corporativas ON2.0.

  • OptiXtrans E9600

    OptiXtrans E9600

    Plataforma MS-OTN integrada, inteligente, de nova geração, óptica-elétrica e de grande capacidade redes corporativas ON2.0.

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