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  • Huawei Launches Digital Operation Support Service Solution


    At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, Huawei's Operation and Maintenance (O&M) service session titled "Industry O&M Best Practices and Operation Support Service Solution Launch" was live streamed online to a global audience.

  • The World Goes Digital with Smart Services


    At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, audiences from around the world tuned into the online “Huawei Intelligent Operation & Maintenance (O&M) — Successful Cases and Future Solutions”

  • HUAWEI CONNECT 2020 Internet Service Industry Session


    At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, the live online session on "Building a Fully Optical, Intelligent Internet" addressed the current trends in the Internet industry. Together with ICT industry business leaders, partners, and think tanks, we discussed how to deal with the surge of broadband requirements, accelerate the development of a fully optical Internet, build world-class data centers, and drive transformation and growth in new business areas. In addition, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) and Huawei released the Technical White Paper on Infrastructure for the Internet Service Industry.

  • Industry's First Financial Service Model Oriented to "Intelligent Things"


    At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, Pan Weidong, President of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPD Bank), and David Wang, Huawei Executive Director and Chairman of the Investment Review Board, released the Bank of Things White Paper. The White Paper first proposes a brand-new financial service model and design system for "intelligent things" in the industry, ushering in a new era of "bank of things" (BoT) services.

  • Huawei Releases Banking Resilience Index for 2020 and Beyond


    At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, International Data Corporation (IDC), the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets, along with Huawei, have released a major White Paper titled “Banking Industry Rises up to the New Normal”. In this paper, IDC surveys the impact that Covid-19 has had on the banking industry and outlines steps that should be taken by banks to ensure their future success.

  • Huawei Fully Upgrades Its Intelligent IP Network Solutions to Create New Drivers for Industry Digital Transformation


    At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, Huawei held an inspiring summit themed "Accelerating Industry Digital Transformation Through All-Scenario Intelligent Connectivity". At this summit, Huawei announced that it has fully upgraded its intelligent IP network solutions, reshaped two platforms (software and hardware), reinvented the three-layer architecture of intelligent IP networks with "super capacity, intelligent experience, and autonomous driving", and further innovated "four-engines". These strategic moves reaffirm Huawei's relentless efforts to develop scenario-tailored solutions with partners and customers, creating new drivers for digitalization across industries.

  • Huawei, Sunline Jointly Launch Contactless Digital Loan One Box Solution


    Sunline and Huawei jointly released the Digital Loan One Box Solution — a global contactless solution for financial services for regions where financial inclusiveness is urgently necessary.

  • Huawei Strives to Build industry Intelligent Twins with Intelligent Connectivity


    At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, Huawei announced its all-scenario intelligent connectivity solutions for technology, network, and industry scenarios. These solutions will help Huawei deliver intelligent connectivity that is characterized by ubiquitous gigabit, deterministic experience, and hyper-automation in order to build industry Intelligent Twins. Huawei also launched autonomous driving network (ADN) solutions for enterprises, propelling enterprise networks into the ADN era and accelerating the intelligent upgrades of industries.

  • Huawei Unveils Huawei OptiXstar S892E Campus Optical Terminal and New-Generation Liquid OTN Optical Transmission Platform


    Huawei unveiled new products, including OptiXstar S892E, an intelligent optical terminal designed for high-speed Wi-Fi 6 backhaul for campuses and the Huawei OptiXtrans E6600 series, the industry's first optical transport platform with built-in Liquid OTN technology.

  • HUAWEI CONNECT 2020 | Launch of Huawei Talent Online 2.0, a Simplified Learning and Certification Experience Platform


    At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, Huawei officially launched the fully upgraded Huawei Talent Online 2.0. The platform is a new type of online learning experience that is more hands-on and practical. It not only presents online experiments that encourage convenient learning but also provides "Four Ones" experience that optimizes partner registration, class and course opening, and operations. Ultimately, Huawei Talent Online 2.0 offers an improved user experience.

  • Five Key Factors for a Future-Oriented Digital Transformation of Electric Power Enterprises


    At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, IDC and Huawei jointly released the white paper for the electric power industry — Building the Future-Ready Power Enterprise: Road to a Successful Digital Transformation.

  • Huawei Releases Industry Digital Operation Support Service White Paper


    At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, Huawei and China Electronics Standardization Institute jointly released the Industry Digital Operation Support Service White Paper. It aims to promote the concept of continuous operation support service to the industry, establish synergy to facilitate continuous operations, and improve industry digital operation efficiency. This is how digital platforms can provide their full potential.

  • Huawei Industry O&M Services Build a Next-Generation O&M Indicator System


    At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, Nick Zhang, Director of Huawei Enterprise BG Industry O&M Service Dept, delivered an open speech. The speech focused on industry Operation & Maintenance (O&M) system standards, and insights into Huawei's best practices in the Huawei ShenNong Unified O&M Platform (IMOC).

  • Paradigm Shift for Greater Value


    At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, Mr. Peng Zhongyang from Huawei, delivered a keynote speech on the theme of "Paradigm Shift for Greater Value". Peng stated that the shift to a new paradigm of industrial digital transformation is urgently needed for the development of our future intelligent society.

  • Huawei Releases Autonomous Driving Data Center Network Solution White Paper


    At the Open Data Center Summit 2020, Huawei took the lead in releasing the Huawei Autonomous Driving Data Center Network Solution White Paper, comprehensively describing the future vision, target architecture, autonomous driving network (ADN) levels, and use cases of data center networks (DCNs).

  • Huawei Releases POLAN White Paper: Enabling Enterprise Campus Network Transformation


    During HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, Huawei recently commissioned an IDC White Paper titled IT Decision-maker Insights: POLAN as an Enabler of Enterprise Campus Transformation

  • Huawei HiSecEngine USG Series Firewall Recognized as a "Strong Performer" in the Enterprise Firewall Market by Well-known Analyst Firm


    Huawei HiSecEngine USG series firewall has been recognized as a Strong Performer in the market evaluation report The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Firewalls, Q3 2020 released by Forrester Research.

  • Huawei CloudEngine Data Center Switches Named a Leader by independent research firm


    The Forrester WaveTM: Open, Programmable Switches For A Businesswide SDN, Q3 2020 report, their CloudEngine data center switches CloudEngine data center switches were recognized as a leader by Forrester.

  • Huawei's Enterprise Partner Elite Training Camp Goes Online in 2020


    This year’s Huawei Enterprise Partner Elite Training Camp, its fourth installment, was held via global live webcast over Huawei's WeLink platform.

  • Huawei Releases the Digital Integrated Site Power Solution


    On August 6, Huawei officially released the digital integrated site power solution , which changes the traditional site power construction mode and leads the energy transformation through the "triple one" design concept of "One integrated design, one power platform, and one management system".

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