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Campus Networks Are Witnessing a Wave of All-Optical Transformation

Through F5G optical technologies, the Huawei Fiber To The Office (FTTO) solution revolutionizes campus network transmission media, architecture, and O&M, helping industry customers build smart campus networks with ultra-high bandwidth and energy efficiency.
As many countries set targets for carbon neutrality, fiber-in and copper-out has become an inevitable trend, and all-optical campus networks have become the signature of next-generation smart campuses.
Compared with the traditional network solution, FTTO extends optical fibers from ELV rooms to each room, desktop, and machine. In this way, all campus applications are carried on one optical network, which has significant advantages in terms of bandwidth, coverage, O&M costs, and service life, and meets the development requirements of services such as campus application cloudification, IoT, and ultra-HD video. The FTTO solution has been adopted by over 6000 industry customers in more than 50 countries to build green and simplified smart campus networks, winning recognition from industries such as education, healthcare, and hospitality.

  • Huawei FTTO 2.0 Solution

    Huawei FTTO 2.0 Solution

    Green 10G All-Optical Network, Accelerating AI-Inclusive Smart Campus

  • Huawei Ranks No. 1 for Fourth Consecutive Year in China's POL Market with FTTO Solution

    Huawei Ranks No. 1 for Fourth Consecutive Year in China's POL Market with FTTO Solution

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    Huawei Launches Industry-First 50G POL Prototype for Next-Generation Wi-Fi 7 Campus Networks

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    Huawei and Partners Released the Technical & Application White Paper for All-Optical Campus Network


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Optical fibers are extended to guest rooms to meet network access requirements, build differentiated competitiveness for hotels, and improve occupancy rates.
Service scenarios: guest rooms, lobbies, offices, banquet halls, and dining halls.

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Commercial Complex

Passive optical LANs (POLs) are provided for various commercial complex scenarios.
Service scenarios: smart stores, smart conference/office rooms, building control/security, and smart hotels

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Higher Education

In various school campus scenarios, one optical fiber is extended to terminals to implement gigabit ultra-broadband access. In addition, the passive network is energy-saving and reliable, and features a smaller footprint.
Service scenarios: classrooms, offices, libraries, canteens, dormitories, apartments, and security

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Based on the point-to-multipoint simplified two-layer architecture, massive medical terminals are efficiently connected to an all-optical network featuring multi-service convergence, efficient O&M, and unified management.
Service scenarios:consulting rooms, operating rooms, wards, image reading rooms, and outpatient halls.

campus optix solutions5


Fibers are extended to a desktop or AP to provide wired and wireless office networks featuring high bandwidth, seamless roaming, and intelligent O&M for campus offices.
Service scenarios: Wi-Fi access, POTS access, office data, and video conferencing.


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Acesso óptico

Com base na tecnologia PON, as soluções passivas de acesso à rede totalmente óptica permitem o acesso por qualquer mídia, sob medida para empresas, ISPs e MSOs.

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Terminal óptico

A série de produtos OptiXstar estende a conectividade óptica a cada casa, empresa e campus, aproximando as famílias e tornando as operações empresariais muito mais eficientes.

GPON and eLTE Access Management

Gerenciamento do acesso via GPON e eLTE

Suporte ao gerenciamento e ao monitoramento da rede de acesso de banda larga GPON e eLTE. O eSight garante a operação estável de GPONs e redes eLTE, monitorando o ONU, o OLT, o uplink e as portas de GPONs, bem como eNodeBs, redes de núcleo e o CPE de redes eLTE.

Real-World Success

The FTTO solution has won recognition from industries such as education, healthcare, and hospitality, and has been adopted by over 6000 customers in more than 50 countries.

DS networks: Fiber Optics and High-Speed Wi-Fi for Students

DS networks: Fiber Optics and High-Speed Wi-Fi for Students

Thanks to POL, DS-networks can provide every apartment with high-performance gigabit fiber Internet.


Huawei Elevates OUC's Campus Network with Comprehensive All-Optical Upgrade

The construction of campus networks is a major driver for advancing quality modern education. As university campuses teem with students and faculty in search of seamless connectivity, network infrastructure becomes paramount.

 FTTO Underpins Proton Therapy Center of Wuhan Union Hospital

FTTO Underpins Proton Therapy Center of Wuhan Union Hospital

Proton therapy is the world's most advanced radiotherapy technology, far outperforming conventional photon radiotherapy. Generally, the proton equipment accelerates the proton beams to 70% of the light speed, about 200,000 km/s, to precisely target a tumor and minimize the harm to surrounding body tissue and organs. This kind of radiotherapy is precise to the nearest 1 ms.

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Perdepera Resort Revolutionises Customer Experience with New All Optical Network

A Robust Network Covering the Entire Resort: Huawei brings to Perdepera a digitalization and technology transformation with sustainable, reliable, and simplified services to help build a smart, intelligent hotel. In the future, with the help of Huawei, Perdepera Resort can provide the customer-oriented services with high efficiency, quality and technology.


Huawei's FTTO Solution Facilitates the Smart Transformation of Wuhan Puren Hospital

Huawei FTTO solution is built on the hard-pipe architecture, which is equivalent to building the hospital network into a "smart" highway with road shoulders added between high-speed lanes.

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Hotel Kapok Sets New Smart Hospitality Standards Using Huawei's FTTO Solution

Huawei's FTTO solution uses an innovative two-layer passive network architecture, ushering in a new era of smarter, green hospitality.

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Top Spanish Travel Business Embraces its Workplace Upgrade with an IP + POL Network

Huawei’s innovative IP + POL offering are revolutionizing AVORIS ’ campus network transmission media, architecture, and O&M within a network, enabling smart next-generation campus networks with ultra-high bandwidth and energy efficiency.

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Huawei&Union Shenzhen Hospital Build First F5G All-Optical Hospital with Superior Medical Experiene

Having built the first all-optical hospital in Guangdong Province, Union Shenzhen Hospital is committed to ICT construction and the benefits that brings.


DTGO Thailand: FTTO Lights up a Smart, Green Community

As many countries set targets for net zero carbon, enterprises are replacing copper with fiber and adopting all-optical campus networks for next-generation smart campuses. For Forestias, DTGO partnered with Huawei, deploying Huawei's FTTO solution to build a green and fully-connected ICT infrastructure network.


Orizzonte Village Resort Builds a Green All-Optical Campus with a Huawei Solution

Orizzonte Village has been dedicated to improving management efficiency and providing better services for tourists.

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