• Huawei FTTO 2.0 Solution

    Huawei FTTO 2.0 Solution

    Green 10G All-Optical Network, Accelerating AI-Inclusive Smart Campus


  • Overview
  • Benefits
  • Architecture

Gain the Edge

Huawei FTTO 2.0 Solution

Ultra-large Line
• Symmetrical 12.5G upstream and downstream
• PON-Trunk, 25G to the room

Ultra-wide Interface
• 10G to Wi-Fi 7 AP
• 2.5G to Wi-Fi 6 AP

Huawei FTTO 2.0 Solution

Simplified Network
• Office, production, and device network within one fiber, eight networks in one fiber
• Hard isolation without mutual interference

Simplified NMS
• Unified IP+POL management
• Automatic Wi-Fi optimization

Huawei FTTO 2.0 Solution

High-quality Assurance
• User+service multi-level service identification
• Deterministic experience for key services

High-quality Wi-Fi
• Roaming latency < 20 ms
• Visible user experience using the POL analyzer

Huawei FTTO 2.0 Solution

Green Architecture
• "Passive" instead of "active"
• "0" ELV room, 50% less optical modules

Green Devices
• The AP/OLT automatically decreases the frequency when there is no service.