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Harness the Power of the Cloud for Mining

Today, most servers of mining enterprises still rely on traditional, so-called integrated midrange computers. With non-standard cloud-based architecture, this legacy system is wholly inadequate to support  the level of storage and computing   resource scaling and system Disaster Recovery (DR) needed for intelligent mining. As the key carrier of intelligent mines, mine cloud infrastructure transforms physical resources into virtual resource pools, which can easily and dynamically schedule a wide range of resources. It also enables the concentrated construction of resources and delivers cost savings, with interworking on and off the cloud, and efficient operations.



Two-level cloud-based architecture promotes centralized planning and management.

Solution Highlights

  • HUAWEI CLOUD Stack Online Solution Helps Customers Build Their Own Clouds

    Featuring the same architecture as HUAWEI CLOUD, the solution leads the industry, enabling more than 80 high-level cloud services to be deployed on demand.
    Huawei provides Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services for the bottom layer of the platform software and hardware. Cloud services are synchronized with the public cloud, protecting investment and ensuring ongoing evolution of the service support ecosystem. Network, storage, DR, and service applications are deployed across clouds, supporting multiple scenarios, including service migration, online elastic capacity expansion, and new service development and verification.
    The responsibility sharing model is transparent, neutral, and auditable. The cloud service platform provides a three-dimensional security protection system, with cloud DR, backup, and an active-active working mode boosting security.
  • Intelligent Edge Small Cell (IES), Delivered in Standard Software and Pre-Installed Cabinets, Becomes a Core Asset for Mines

    Integrated equipment delivery and fast installation and deployment: Software and hardware are integrated, with a starting point of six nodes and just four-week delivery, with smooth expansion to 16 cabinets supported.
    Cloud-edge homogeneity and a consistent experience: HUAWEI CLOUD's standardized software and hardware offer a consistent user experience, fast adaptation for the partner ecosystem, and seamless collaboration of edge-cloud services.
    Software and hardware security with increased trust: End to End (E2E) security hardening and operations audit are both supported. Overall security of the edge computing environment is shared with users.
    Remote O&M reduces the O&M workload: Unified O&M enables remote troubleshooting and version updates with support for permission control, reducing the O&M pressure of Information Technology (IT) systems.

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