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Eine neue treibende Kraft für die digitale Transformation intelligenter Energie

Durch das rasante Wachstum aufstrebender Wirtschaften und zunehmend ausgereifter internationaler Transportsysteme wächst der globale Energieverbrauch stetig. Gleichzeitig werden auf dem Bereich des globalen Energiesektors große Anstrengungen unternommen, um mit einem sauberen, emissionsarmen, sicheren und effizienten Energiesystem umweltfreundlicher zu werden. Gemäß unserer Strategie „Plattform + künstliche Intelligenz (KI)“ nutzt Huawei hochentwickelte Technologien — Big Data, Cloud Computing, das Internet der Dinge (Internet of Things, IoT), KI und 5G — um eine digitale Energiebasis aufzubauen und den digitalen Wandel der Branche voranzutreiben. Huawei hat sich dem Ziel verschrieben, der beste Partner für den digitalen Wandel in der Energiebranche zu werden.

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    Whitepaper "The Road to a Successful Digital Transformation"


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    China Southern Power Grid (CSPG)

    "The success of the project proves that distributed cloud nodes can be deployed in power grids, integrating and reusing the advantages of their resources," said Yu Guoji, Vice President of the CSG Power Generation Company's Information Communications Branch. "Prefabricated modular construction concepts can be used to achieve fast, replicable, and intelligent deployment. Inevitably, this will become a new trend in the digital transformation of power grids."

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    "We have moved from traditional mining where coal is mined, to more of a data mining operation," said Mukesh Soma, Head of Operations at South Africa's Exxaro. "Huawei has enabled us to upgrade our Local Area Network (LAN), initially to a 10 GE backbone. They’ve also introduced Software-Defined networking in a Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), which allows us to be more robust in terms of our Internet connectivity."

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    Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)

    "All National Grid substations are considered national security assets," said Saleh Al Owain, Director of Technical Affairs for Dawiyat, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Saudi Electricity Company. "The only solution that made sense was Huawei's container-based shelter solution. No other solution came close to it in terms of performance, feature set, robustness, and cost."

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    Sarawak Energy

    Huawei and Malaysia's Sarawak Energy have built an integrated wireless network featuring zero coverage blind spots, wait times, and packet loss roaming. The partnership with Huawei has resulted in storage area network upgrade with improved capacity, while the implementation of AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 has improved wireless signal coverage and bandwidth throughput.

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    Energie AG

    "By adding Huawei’s hardware to an already existing power-grid-oriented network, we have been able to offer completely new services for our customers, together with core energy services. We can provide fiber optic internet access, telephone, and television services for up to 100,000 homes, which we think will increase the number of our broadband digital customers to nearly 60,000 households," said Manfred Litzlbauer, Managing Director of Austria's Energie AG Telekom.



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